- Scanning live application; - Scanning mockups; - Step View; - Tree View; - Script View; - Parameterization; - Use of Datatable; - Use of variables; - Running tests using 1SCRIPT module.

Objects Recognition in ZAPTEST

- Main object types: - OCR, - Image, - Area, - Relative object. - Object properties: - Recognition Type, - Text, - Precision, - Appearance, - Text Color, - Scalability, - ZOE Scan Mode. - OCR Templates.

Object Types in ZAPTEST

Object Types and usage specifics: - Application object; - View object; - Standard object; - Area object; - List object; - Table object; - Swiper object.

Cross-Browser Test Automation with ZAPTEST

- Making one script for multiple browsers; - Parameterizing inputs and outputs; - Handling workflow differences in logical steps; - Running multiple iterations of the test.

Testing Web application on remote devices with ZAPTEST

- Using a remote device to create a test script; - Explore M-RUN Debug functionality; - Parallel test execution with M-RUN.

Testing Web Application on mobile devices with ZAPTEST

- Connecting to mobile devices; - Using Android device to create a test script; - Updating the test to run it on iOS iPad; - Running the test in parallel mode using M-RUN.

Testing SOAP and REST Web Services using ZAPTEST

- Defining objects and methods in API Explorer; - Customizing API requests and validating responses using API Studio; - Making an API and UI combined test.

Creating and Running API Load Tests using ZAPTEST

- Making API test scripts for a load test; - Configuring a load test scenario; - Reviewing test data options; - Running load tests and reviewing results.

ZAPFARM Configuration and Usage

- ZAPFARM Installation; - Device Gateway Installation; - Connecting mobile devices; - Integration with ZAPTEST.

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