Auto E-Mailing of Test Results

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If you need to forwad script execution results to the email ZAPTEST has option for that Go to TOOLS - Options - Result Reporting Click to the "Configure" button in the line of "Sends to E-Mail" Here you need to populate E-Mail recipient line which is certain email will be receiving test results It may be single email or several emails saparated by comma Then populate information about email account that will send emails Specify SMTP Server Host and SMTP Server port for your email - you can get this information from your email service provider Then populate your SMTP username and password from the email account and "From" field of message Optional mark or unmark check box of keeping of local report copy (if you do not need to see results on a local machine) Next check box - Enable this configuration - should be enabled if you need this way of reporting to work. Click Update Configuration to apply changes.

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