ZAPTEST Enterprise Edition

  • Unlimited licenses
  • Access to a full-time ZAP Expert
  • 2-in-1 RPA and Test Automation tool
  • WebDriver integration
  • AI + Computer Vision Technology
  • Partner Program available
  • Any-Task Software Automation
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Enterprise Test + RPA Automation Tool

ZAPTEST is a cross-platform, enterprise-level test automation and RPA tool bursting with features that help you save time and money while helping you build software ahead of schedule. Your annual subscription grants you unlimited licenses, access to a full-time ZAP Expert working remotely as part of your team, and access to a suite of automated software testing and RPA tools that allow for Functional and Performance testing as well as RPA for any task, across any platform.


2-in-1 Test Automation and RPA Enterprise solution

ZAPTEST Enterprise gives you access to unlimited test automation software and RPA software, all rolled into one. Now, you can reduce software development time and automate menial tasks, driving greater efficiency across your workplace and faster lifecycles. Not to mention, the significant added value to your company, reduced costs, and the potential of huge ROI from further automating processes via our state-of-art RPA technology, at no extra cost.

Partner program

Join the ZAPTEST Partner ecosystem so you can provide cutting-edge automation services to your clients. ZAPTEST Enterprise provides unlimited licenses, so the sky’s the limit — for both you and your clients. Full-time access to a White-label ZAP Certified Expert working remotely as part of your team, and state-of-art RPA tools at no extra cost, are only a few of the many benefits that will increase your customer reach, ROI, and Revenue.


Unlimited Licenses

ZAPTEST Enterprise comes with unlimited licenses. Pay one fixed cost, and you can use as many seats as you need. Our Test + RPA automation scales with you, no matter the size or scope of your ambitions.

One-Click Documentation

ZAPTEST DOC slashes time spent on documenting your tests by allowing you to create detailed automation coverage documentation at the click of a button. You can go from having an automated script to a full software test case in a moment, meaning you have more resources to allocate to other business-critical matters and have an automation framework compliant with your industry regulations.


ZAPTEST’s Runtest Method lets users call upon previously written scripts, opening up a world of modular building for your test automation software.

Your own ZAPTEST Expert

Each ZAPTEST Enterprise subscriber gets access to their own Full-time Certified ZAP Expert working remotely as part of your team. With one-to-one support and guidance, your ZAP Expert can ensure you get the most from ZAPTEST’s Enterprise test automation tool. This represents a distinctive advantage of our Software Testing Automation + RPA Enterprise Suite – Many similar software automation services operate under a license agreement. This leaves you to forge your own path, which can result in costly delays or underutilization of your enterprise automation software testing tool.


1SCRIPT Implementation

Our time-saving full stack testing tool allows you to test across multiple platforms, all using a single script.

No time-consuming script modifications are required; just write one script, and use it on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and many other applications.

Scriptless: No-code / Low-Code Automation

ZAPTEST Enterprise provides scriptless automation tools for both UIs and APIs.

Our QA and BizOps automation enterprise software is intuitive and user-friendly, meaning both technical and non-technical teams can run scriptless tests in no time at all.

ZAPTEST Recorder

ZAPTEST Recorder allows you to record videos of various automation scenarios.
Capture end-user actions with screenshots and easily turn them into executable scripts. ZAPTEST recordings improve collaboration between your team SMEs and Automators.

Live Testing

Unleash ZAPTEST’s UI automation test functionality so you can run live tests that mirror end users’ experiences with your platform.

Parallel Execution

Don’t waste time running separate tests on multiple applications or instances.

ZAPTEST’s Enterprise automation tools allow you to test everything at the same time with M-RUN, cutting countless hours from your software development time.

Automate any UI

ZAPTEST’s ZAP Object Connector Engine (ZOE), a state-of-art algorithm framework, can detect any object across any platform.
As a result, you can run the same test on mobile, web, or desktop applications without long and drawn-out script modifications.

Pre-development Automation

ZAPTEST allows you to implement pre-development (shift-left) automation on mockup applications. Start at the application development design phase within your Agile process with our industry breakthrough Mockup-based UI automation.


ZAPTEST’s WebDriver Integration technology allows you to ramp up your testing capabilities by automating interactions with web elements. The result is quicker, more efficient, and more comprehensive tests and improved test management.

Self-healing Test Automation

Smart object recognition allows for the dynamic updating of object selectors, facilitating time-saving and comprehensive self-healing test automation.

ZAPFARM Cloud Device Hosting

The ZAPFARM interface lets you connect to FARM servers and tests across platforms and devices, and all from the comfort of our interface. This innovative cloud device hosting solution gives you the flexibility you need for parallel test execution, UI testing, and more.

Unlock the Power of ZAPTEST Enterprise Edition

Feature Enterprise FREE
Windows / iOS / Android / Mac / Linux / BB Windows / iOS / Android / Mac / Linux / BB
API Testing
Performance Testing Unlimited 2 VUser Groups / 50 VUsers
Script-Less Testing Icon-Driven Workflow Icon-Driven Workflow
Scripting Languages VBScript / JavaScript VBScript / JavaScript
Parameterization Unlimited Unlimited
Multilingual 120 Languages 120 Languages
Pre-Development Testing Mock-ups Mock-ups
Recorder Unlimited Unlimited
Jenkins / TFS / Apache and more Jenkins / TFS / Apache and more
Test Data Source
Local / External Data Source
Local / External Data Source
Object Repository Local/Shared Local
OCR Templates Unlimited 1 Template
M-RUN Unlimited 2 Machines
Iterations Unlimited 3 Iterations
Exception Handling Unlimited 3 Handlers
Integrations HP ALM / Rally / JIRA / TFS / IBM HP ALM / Rally / JIRA
Scripting Unrestricted VBScript & JavaScript No Loops (For/While)
Support Assigned Product Expert per Account User Forum
ZAPFARM Unlimited 1 Gateway / 2 Devices
Modularity Driver Scripts and External Test Calls
Local and Global Function Libraries
Global Variables with Import & Export

for Software Testing + RPA

High ROI

ZAPTEST Enterprise comes at a fixed cost and with unlimited licenses.

That means your budget stays predictable while giving you the latitude to cut back on work hours previously spent on manual testing and other automatable tasks.

The result is an ROI of up to x10, which is well beyond average compared to similar enterprise testing tools on the software testing market.

Happier employees

Manual software testing is laborious and time-consuming.

These menial tasks are not the best use of software engineers, especially during a global era of technical skill shortages.

Our Enterprise software testing automation and RPA tools liberate your team, freeing them up to engage in more meaningful work.


The world of software development is highly competitive.

Staying ahead of the curve as an enterprise requires a blend of strategy and access to the best automation testing and RPA tools on the market.

ZAPTEST Enterprise lives on the cutting edge, helping you get out in front thanks to the best testing tools in software engineering.

Reduce maintenance costs

Software maintenance is a task that never ends.

ZAPTEST Enterprise DevOps testing tools help lighten the load by automating software maintenance and alleviating this notoriously expensive software development cost.

RPA Lifecycle & Process - 10 Steps to Implementing Robotic Process Automation
Cost savings

ZAPTEST Enterprise boosts state-of-art test automation and RPA capabilities and helps you automate predictable, rule-based tasks.

Labor expenses constitute the largest expenditure for the majority of enterprises;  optimizing these expenditures can favorably impact the net earnings.


DevOps and Agile philosophies and practices must be supported by state-of-art software.

ZAPTEST Enterprise tools give your employees the DevOps testing tools they need to reduce the software development lifecycle through increased automation.

Better software builds

ZAPTEST Enterprise suite of QA automation tools ensures your testing is comprehensive and accurate.

Our automated software testing tools provide peace of mind that your products go to market as functional as possible, helping you grow your reputation and build trust among users.

Greater accuracy

ZAPTEST’s Enterprise automated software testing tools offer assurance of accuracy beyond even the most stringent manual checks.

By eliminating human error, our software helps you increase test coverage, leading to better-built, higher-quality products.

All, under the expert guidance of a full-time ZAP Expert working remotely alongside your team.

A step toward hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is growing in popularity and market size with each passing year.

Soon, it will become standard across the business world.

ZAPTEST Enterprise tools allow you to automate testing and business processes, ensuring you make steps toward hyperautomation before it’s too late.

Increased competitiveness

ZAPTEST has earned a reputation as one of the best free and enterprise testing tools in the software engineering community.

One of the many reasons for our popularity is that we help teams build products by working alongside our users providing reduced development lifecycles through unparalleled full-time support, unlimited use, any task automation, on any platform, and RPA included at no extra costs.

Driving down development costs boosts competitiveness, allowing you to win the battle for market share.

Faster time to market

Reducing time to market means lower costs, higher revenues, and in many cases, an opportunity to grab market share from your competitors.

ZAPTEST Enterprise software automation solution helps you with the advantage of streamlining your automation SDLC process, which results in the Fastest time to market with your software.

Increased productivity

ZAPTEST Enterprise boosts productivity in several ways.

Our RPA and test automation tools work around the clock with speed and precision in a way that is impossible for manual workers.

What’s more, our QA automation tools mean your testing is scalable and reusable, driving leaner, more efficient builds.

ZAPTEST Enterprise Testing Processes

The ZAPTEST Enterprise test automation tool can handle a variety of software development testing processes.
Here are some of the many examples of software testing processes you can automate with our innovative software testing tools.


RPA testing

RPA testing allows you to validate the functionality of your automated processes before they’re deployed into the wild. Automation relies on very reliable, predictable, and accurate workflows; RPA testing gives you the confidence that your workflows will run as intended.

RPA testing takes a proactive rather than reactive approach. Process validation helps ensure resource allocation is efficient and any errors are minimized. RPA testing produces detailed and comprehensive documentation, meaning you have a complex overview of your project.

While RPA testing is vital, it can be expensive. ZAPTEST Enterprise’s RPA testing tool was built to streamline this time-consuming process by automating UI interactions and supporting teams to reuse testing scripts. These features drive down the time and costs associated with testing, slashing the software development life cycle (SDLC).


ZAPTEST WebDriver testing tools let you harness the power of browser-based testing. With first-class reporting and debugging functions and API and GUI testing capabilities, now you can find and resolve problems quickly for your web-based applications.

Our WebDriver testing tools facilitate a more flexible and adaptable approach to testing that suits modern development environments. Our tool supports Selenium web drivers across different browsers. What’s more, ZAPTEST WebDriver means test automation is user-friendly and easy to maintain, opening up web testing to nontechnical teams across your business thanks to excellent features like scriptless testing.

ZAPTEST WebDriver integrates seamlessly with your CI/CD pipelines and provides customizable reports that help you improve your product.

WebDriver also supports data-driven testing, letting you cut down the SDLC without compromising on quality assurance. Add in other great features like scriptless automation and reusable test steps, and you have a tool that is built to both meet and exceed modern testing demands.


A Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) sits at the heart of a modern and innovative testing approach. It fosters an agile approach to software development that delivers projects on time and on budget.

A TCoE is a dedicated team with a laser focus on cutting-edge software testing approaches that ensure your organization is not left behind in a fast-paced and ever-evolving space.

Expectations for software development life cycle times have shot through the roof in recent years. Stakeholders demand immediate fixes to even minor problems, alongside constant updates and improvements. These expectations place a lot of pressure on developers.

Implementing a TCoE means you can validate your products across popular platforms, applications, and browsers. This forward-thinking approach ensures you get the robust and thorough quality assurance you deserve, and all at an affordable price.

A TCoE helps with data-driven decision-making and allows your workers to add new technical skills to their repertoire. Finally, these teams drive transparency and consistency across your testing by implementing standardized testing frameworks.

End-To-End Testing

End-to-end testing provides a rigorous health check on your application.

It comprehensively tests your software from top to bottom, running the business rule over the system, integrations, and components that make up your app.

End-to-end testing is comprehensive, intense, and time-consuming.

ZAPTEST Enterprise provides UI and API testing automation to augment your manual testing, ensuring you’ve got a build to be proud of.

Performance Testing

ZAPTEST Enterprise provides automated performance testing solutions that help you put your products through the load of end-users.

Web-based applications continue to dominate the market; our performance test automation services can help with load, stress, scale, and spike testing, to mention just a few of the almost unlimited types of tests available at your fingertips.


API Testing

ZAPTEST’s Enterprise tools facilitate API testing automation.

Thanks to our enterprise test automation tool, you can catch problems before production.

Automating API tests is the perfect antidote to the common problem of “breaking changes” that occur in fast-paced software development teams.

Schedule API tests whenever your devs push code, but cut out the time and hassle required to verify changes.

Regression Testing

Delivering new updates or features doesn’t need to be a chore, thanks to automated regression testing.

ZAPTEST Enterprise ensures your app functions correctly after adding new code, which is a huge time saver in the fast-moving world of software development.


UI Testing

ZAPTEST’s Enterprise Tools facilitate greater test coverage by simulating end-user interactions within your application with our powerful UI testing feature.

Our Computer Vision Technology and WebDriver solution allows you to test any GUI or UI across a wide range of platforms and devices.

With 24/7 support from your ZAP Expert, you can feel confident that you can stand behind your user interface elements.

Moreover, FARM, our Enterprise cloud device hosting solution, lets you host and access the various desktop and mobile devices needed for cross-environment automated UI testing and development.

Unit Testing

Unit testing verifies chunks (or units) of code to ensure they are accurate before release.

Proactive in nature, unit testing helps reduce costs, save resources, and produce documentation.

However, it is expensive to implement.

ZAPTEST Enterprise’s QA automation tool addresses these issues thanks to many innovative features like reusable test code.


Enterprise Software Testing and
RPA Automation Benefits Per Job Function


ZAPTEST Enterprise helps executives support their businesses by reducing development time and getting their software to market quickly.

What’s more, our Enterprise QA automation tools provide full and comprehensive testing, which means higher quality, more durable products.


ZAPTEST’s Enterprise Test Automation software is highly user-friendly.

In fact, our Enterprise Edition opens up the world of test automation tools to non-technical staff members.

When coupled with RPA’s ability to reduce manual tasks, your employees can become productive in ways they couldn’t imagine.


ZAPTEST test automation Enterprise tools allow managers to bring projects in on time and on budget. Software testing is one of the most common software development life cycle delays. Enterprise software testing tools, like ZAPTEST, help leaders cut development times through automation so they can allocate resources where they’re needed most.


Test automation is a gift for software engineers.

Instead of asking them to perform manual testing, the best automation testing tool can take over many of these time-intensive and laborious tasks, allowing your developers to do more enriching and creative work.


Consultants operating in the business processes automation (BPA) space can become a ZAPTEST partner mastering our Enterprise solution. By taking advantage of ZAPTEST Enterprise unlimited licenses, full-time access to ZAP Expert working alongside your team remotely, state-of-art RPA technology at no extra cost, and white-labeling, you can keep driving revenues and allow your testing shop to scale, expand and up-sell services.

BPA Agencies

Business Process Automation Agencies can also benefit from our ZAPTEST Enterprise’s unlimited licenses, too. Now you can offer test automation services to your clients, opening up a significant new revenue stream that stays fixed even as your business grows.

Experience the benefits with your own eyes

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Reading about the benefits of ZAPTEST Enterprise test automation tools is one thing; experiencing it in action is another. Book a ZAPTEST Enterprise demo today, and your dedicated ZAP expert can look at how our DevOps testing tools can make a significant difference to your specific business.

ZAPTEST is one of the best Enterprise testing tools in software engineering and development, with a range of use cases and functionality. You can’t afford to get left behind in the fast-developing and competitive world of software development. Book a demo today to make your first steps towards Enterprise QA automation tools and services that help you deliver projects with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise Edition

ZAPTEST Enterprise is offered as a Monthly or Annual subscription with Unlimited licenses and complimentary full-time services delivered by ZAPTEST Certified Experts.

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