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ZAPTEST 17 what’s new: —————— Meet a whole new version of ZAPTEST - ZAPTEST 17! The biggest update is the new GUI Map. Here you will find our updated toolbar with new functional buttons. Do you want to add a new view? Simply select the right mode and scan it! We have added two different layouts of GUI Map and a special switch button! Now, we are in extended view where we can productively work with our repository. For a more compact view simply click the switch button! We have also made a fantastic update to our object properties. Do you want to rename the object or change the object type? Just do it! ZAPTEST 17 will automatically update your script code! Access to the properties is much easier than ever before now: just give it a try! If you are still missing some global powerful ZAPTEST methods, we are presenting global namespace “Zap” where we collected all methods beginning from the first ZAPTEST version! What’s it this and how do I use it? It’s easy, just type “Zap.” and ZAPTEST 17 will show you the full method-list within a few sub-namespaces like Data-table, HPALM and others. Repository Explorer has a new Selection Mode, where we could the select necessary object and remove others or vice versa. Yes, now we have two options! And the final big update is Exception Handling! Starting from ZAPTEST 17 we could setup special triggers for some execution errors or even write a custom function for handling special exceptions! These are only a few updates that can be found in the new ZAPTEST 17 version! Have you already tried a new version of ZAPTEST? If not, maybe it’s time you did. Why not try it today!

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