HP Releases Whitepaper Endorsing ZAP-fiX as the Go-To Solution for ALM Products on Mac OS!

Partners HP and ZAP Technologies, the leading provider of full lifecycle test automation solutions for mobile, Windows, iOS, and Unix applications, announces the publishing of a whitepaper released to discuss and illustrate how ZAP’s most popular, market-leading product ZAP-fiX extends the HP ALM suite to testing environments on Mac-based platforms.

ZAP Technologies Introduces Real Device Test Automation

ZAP Technologies is an HP Elite Partner, HP software reseller, and solution provider. The company has been developing and delivering leading solutions through HP Software for more than 15 years. ZAP Technologies specializes in developing software that extends HP Software technologies, implementing its industry experience and expertise in test automation best practices, QA management, performance validation, and application management for Mac and cross-platform environments.

Recognizing and understanding the need for automated testing for mobile and cross-platform applications, ZAP Technologies has developed a product called ZAP-fiX (ZPX). Using this product with ZAP’s unique 1Script technology, customers of HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), HP Unified Functional Test (UFT), and HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) users can execute that same script cross-platform on all applications—both native and Web-based.

Testing on Mac-based Platforms 

ZAP Technologies recognized and understood the need for automated testing for Apple Mac-based native and Web applications. The company developed ZAP-fiX software, which seamlessly extends the HP Quality Center (QC) or HP ALM desktop testing environment for Mac and other platforms. ZAP-fiX software helps QA organizations test and monitor applications using HP software in an ergonomically friendly way—saving time, money, and resources.

Companies using HP ALM products like HP Quality Center (QC) and HP UFT/QTP have historically lacked tools to support testing and test automation for Mac-based applications, because HP ALM cannot functionally test on Mac platforms. Businesses are therefore unable to access the rich functionality and best practices afforded by HP ALM—or tap into the large community of HP ALM users or HP UFT/QTP developers and vendors. Thanks to ZAP-fiX with HP ALM on Mac platforms, that’s about to change.

“We recognized a demand on the market among primary users who adapted HP ALM products as their strategic QA management technology to extending their testing to the Mac-based community,” Alex Chernyak, President and CTO of ZAP Technologies explains. “ZAP-fiX can fill in the gaps and provide testing teams with a tool that will allow them to approach test automation from all angles.”

Together, ZAP Technologies and HP will put their historical footprint on Mac platform testing.

To read the whitepaper and find out more about how ZAP-fiX revolutionizes test automation, visit our website at www.zap-fix.com. The materials are available for quick download on the home page. Interested in learning how ZAP-fiX can forge a road to success with your application testing projects? If so, fill out our short evaluation form and a ZAP Expert will be in contact with you to discuss if our products are right for you.