QAs - Stop Pleasing Devs, Represent Business!


  • Mission of Quality Assurance in the development process is to assure quality of software based on the application requirements given by the Business
  • Quality Assurance is performed by executing test procedures (Test Cases) based on the application under test (AUT) requirements throughout the given software
  • Test Cases designed by Quality Assurance teams (QA) have to mimic the end-user (human) actions through business processes of the given AUT
  • Quality Assurance has to represent both, the end-user and the Business

Quality Assurance has to control quality of software applications developed by Application Developers (Devs)!

  • QAs have to test applications prior to the applications release
  • Applications have to be tested on multiple platforms and environments (Operating systems, combinations of browsers, native mobile apps, hybrid apps etc.) where the end-users will be accessing those applications
  • Average allocated QA time in the software development process is short, 10%-30% of the SDLC
  • Manual testing is a lengthy initiative, especially considering multiplying test executions per environment
  • IT Executives (Execs) would like for QAs to expedite testing
  • Test Automation allows to speed up test execution

QA testing should be automated!

  • Test automation is the lengthy process (sort of mini software development process)
  • Current test automation technologies (tools) allowscript development based on the existing application GUI (AUT has to exist at the time of test automation)
  • Many QAs are required to support Agile/DevOps with short development cycles (1-2 weeks)
  • QAs don’t have enough time to develop automated testing and to execute it just-in-time (JIT)
  • Execs are losing patience for QAs

QA testing should be performed Just-in-Time!

  • QAs would like to start test automation earlier (before the AUT is created)
  • Many of them are trying to use tools in an alternative way, they are teaming up with Devs to get AUT GUI object parameters (property values) in advance, so they can build test scripts (scripts) before the AUT is created
  • QAs are orienting testing towards Devs objects (not AUT Business requirements)
  • Devs control the QAs

Execs are outsourcing testing leadership to Devs!

  • Devs are leading QAs to test dev requirements (not Business requirements)
  • QA Testing is losing focus
  • Quality of software is jeopardized…  

QAs are pleasing Devs!

QA Team Formation Wins The Game!

ZAPTEST helps enterprises to achieve testing goals either for testing formal way (Waterfall) in COE or Agile in DevOps …


QA Team Formation 2



Organization of the software testing process is the key to productivity of any QA practice in today’s Enterprise. Many organizations are lacking productivity due to the poor organization during consideration of their application development structure, change management and skills of their personnel.


Lack of productivity in testing departments leads to the poor quality of software that result in the loss of company revenues. This leads to companies downsizing and playing it safe by outsourcing their testing to dev teams that are not quality assurance oriented. As a result, enterprises are still NOT achieving desired results in the quality of their software.


One of the keys to successful QA practice is the right organization of testing processes. Like in Football, the right team formations lead to winning the game, QA leaders have to understand what formation of their teams will suit their play the best. There are many different combinations of the team formation, but I’d like to talk about the 2 most fundamental ones.

Don't Write Test Documentation!


ZAPDOC man in chair


ZAPDOC allows QA professionals to create test documentation … with just one click!


Test Documentation development is the essential phase of any Quality Assurance process.  For many Enterprises having test documentation is imperative in order to comply with various regulations. Enterprises are spending approximately 30% of overall time creating new written test cases and maintaining existing ones when application requirements, or test objectives change.


Development and maintenance of test documentation is very time consuming and expensive, an initiative that involves greater headcount in the organization. This is becoming a problem for test automation processes where personnel that create test documentation and where the test automation teams are members of different groups don’t have clear and direct reporting.  Pretty often there are times that test documentation developed with manual testing in mind has to be updated in order to correlate with test automation objectives, and to represent test automation coverage. This correlation discrepancy increases when test automation scripts are being updated due to architectural changes, but test documentation remains unchanged since there is not enough time or it has been lost in the change management communication.

Another problem is ability of QA engineers to support Agile development in DevOps where they usually have fewer resources (one-man-show). QA in DevOps do not have enough time to develop proper test documentation, automate test cases and execute them. Not to mention that Agile development presumes rapid change in the application functionality that has to be reflected in the test coverage. Considering that the test automation is the higher priority, in order to save time, engineers often skip test documentation development altogether.

"Show me the Money!" / Test Automation ROI

As you can see with ZAPTEST used by just one engineer Execs will increase test automation ROI 3 times (i.e. $16,800 vs. $50,400)!



Software test automation is an expensive initiative that involves specific skills and technologies that result in high investments in the tools and man-hours. Many organizations are reluctant to invest, due to lack of experience, bad past experience, and/or more often lack of measured ROI of test automation processes. Many IT executives [Execs] prefer to use low cost or open source test automation technologies [Tools] and are engaging consultants, who are promising these Execs test automation heaven at the lesser investment.


In many cases test automation processes in these organizations are failing due to budget overages and low ROI. The main reason for this budget overage and low ROI is that the selected Tools require more man-hours to implement and to deliver testing results, therefore test scripts development; maintenance and execution are becoming unbearable overhead even at the lower hourly rates.

Test Automation Spider-man in the Matrix - ZAPTEST Fairytale

ZAP MULTIRUN gives Test Automation Spider-man the Matrix super power to make sure that all application test environments are properly tested with one execution!

ZAP Multirun1


In EUT-city there was only one building and the legendary Old-Runner was running stairs making sure there were no Bad-Villains disturbing tenants and destroying the building. Old-Runner was great at running around this building only in  EUT-city. He knew every single stair and every room to precise detail of this building only in EUT-city. 

However, the Mayor of EUT-city, in order to compete with other cities and to attract more residents into EUT-city, started to build more buildings with modern layouts and new stairs. The Bad-Villains started to populate the new buildings in EUT-city because Old-Runner didn’t have enough time to run around all the buildings by running stairs. New buildings had unique and complicated layouts, making it difficult and timely for Old-Runner to learn all of the layouts while looking for the Bad-Villains.

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