Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in ZAPTEST! Please read frequently asked questions from our users. For more information, please Contact Us directly

Q: What’s the difference between ZAPTEST FREE edition and ENTERPRISE Solution?

The FREE edition is designed for self-education and self-evaluation purposes and has limited functionality. The ENTERPRISE edition is offered within the ENTERPRISE Solution and has full functionality.

The ZAPTEST features comparison table outlines the differences between FREE and ENTERPRISE editions.

Q: What is ENTERPRISE Solution?

The ENTERPRISE Solution is a ZAPTEST subscription program offering organizations UNLIMITED use of ZAPTEST software with on-going expertise by ZAPTEST certified Experts.

Q: How can we buy the ENTERPRISE Solution?

The ENTERPRISE Solution can be purchased through ZAP Sales organization.

Q: What’s the difference between ENTERPRISE Edition and the ENTERPRISE Solution?

The ENTERPRISE Edition is the ZAPTEST feature set offering full functionality, and the ENTERPRISE Solution is the ZAP offerings of ZAPTEST software and services.

Q: How can we buy the ENTERPRISE Edition licenses?

The ENTERPRISE Edition is not sold as a standalone product, but rather offered within the ENTERPRISE Solution with the UNLIMITED licenses.

Q: Can we get ZAPTEST licenses for Functional or Performance testing?

ZAPTEST is offered with UNLIMITED licenses either as FREE edition or ENTERPRISE edition including all modules for Functional and Performance testing.

Q: How can we evaluate ZAPTEST?

ZAPTEST is available for download as a FREE edition and can be evaluated “silently” at your convenience with no time limitations.

If you are an organization with an allocated budget for test automation and in search of a new solution, we recommend that you evaluate ZAPTEST ENTERPRISE Solution.

Q: What is the ENTERPRISE Solution Evaluation?

The ENTERPRISE Solution evaluation is based on two main phases:

  • Product Demo
    • During this meeting ZAP team will discuss your testing objectives, perform a live demonstration of ZAPTEST, and will discuss your on-boarding schedule
      • Approximately 1 hour (on-line)
  • Live Proof of Concept
    • During this meeting ZAP Expert will perform test automation of your test case against your application under test (AUT) using a remote control functionality
      • Approximately 2 hour (on-line)

Alternatively, you can do self-evaluation either after Live POC or instead using ZAPTEST FREE edition.

Q: How many ZAP Experts do we get assigned to with the ENTERPRISE Solution?

One ZAP Expert will be assigned per account (your organization). However, ZAP can assign more Experts per your request based on the project schedule.

Q: Why do we need a ZAP Expert if we have test automation experience using other tools?

By appointing a ZAP Expert, ZAP is ensuring that your organization team members will be supported by ZAP Certified Experts so that your team can work more efficiently with ZAPTEST software, as well as lead and support others within your organization. This approach has been very successful thus far within many other organizations saving our clients time and increasing ROI.

Q: How long is the FREE edition license for?

The ZAPTEST FREE edition has no time limitation.

Q: How much does the ENTERPRISE Solution cost?

The cost of ZAPTEST ENTERPRISE Solution is based on your environment and the subscription you choose. For more information please contact ZAP Sales Team

Q: Can our employees and consultants use the ENTERPRISE Solution?

Yes, ZAPTEST offers Unlimited licenses for your organization; anyone in the company can use ZAPTEST for UI and API Functional or Performance testing including full time employees and consultants.

Q: What if we will need additional ZAP Experts to help other teams?

ZAP can provide more than one Expert per account on an as-needed basis.

Q: Is ENTERPRISE Solution limited to particular teams or projects within our company?

ZAPTEST licenses are NOT Limited to any project or team, but are available to anyone within the organization.

Q: How long is the ENTERPRISE Solution term?

The default subscription can either be Monthly or Annually. In some cases, ZAP can also offer multi-year subscriptions.

Q: Do we have to pay for ZAPTEST version upgrades?

No, any upgrades or new product features are included in your subscription.

Q: How can we get ZAPTEST product training?

For FREE edition there are a number of ways you can learn, ZAP offers self-study tutorials, workshops and webinars on the ZAPTEST website.

ENTERPRISE Solution users will be coached by a ZAP Expert assigned to their company using custom training designed according to the company personnel’s skills, nature of the testing environment and the application development schedule.

Q: How is tech support offered in ZAPTEST?

The FREE users can submit ZAPTEST product or test automation process related questions on the ZAPTEST Forum, the ZAP Experts will answer the questions in the order they are received.

The ENTERPRISE users will be supported by their named ZAP Experts assigned to their organizations.

Q: What would be the ZAP Experts daily involvement?

As your ZAPTEST Account Expert, he/she will perform test automation tasks using ZAPTEST for Functional and Performance testing, as well as coaching and advising your team on use of ZAPTEST functionality and test automation best practices.


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