ZAPTEST CEO’s StarEast 2022 News Desk Interview

Four Essential Steps for Test Automation

Three Main Test Automation Factors

ZAPTEST 1Script Technology


ZAPTEST Mockup-Based Test Automation


ZAPTEST – TEST+RPA Seamless Automation Promo

ZAPTEST – On-Boarding

FARM Private Cloud

ZAPTEST – No-Code (Script-Less) Introduction

ZAPTEST DOC – 1 Script / 1 Click

ZAPTEST – No-Code (Script-Less) Tutorial – Mockups

ZAPTEST – The Game Changer


ZAPTEST – Test Automation Approaches

ZAPTEST UI + API Test Automation


ZAPTEST – G-Mode Promo

ZAPTEST – ZOE Introduction

ZAPTEST – Evaluation Promo

600% Productivity Increase

ZAPTEST – Workshop

BDD Testing with ZAPTEST vs Cucumber/Selenium

ZAPTEST – JIRA Integration

ZAPTEST Rally Integration

ZAPTEST Micro Focus ALM Integration

ZAPTEST – TFS Integration


ZAPTEST – Multilingual

ZAP Agile Methodology and CI

ZAPTEST & CA DevTest Integration

ZAPTEST – Linux Demo

ZAPTEST – Citrix Demo

ZAPTEST – Cross Platform Test Automation: Windows and Mac

ZAPTEST – Linux Demo

ZAPTEST – Javascript Support

ZAPTEST: Jenkins Integration

ZAPTEST with BrowserStack

ZAP Recorder – Generate Test Automation from Videos

ZAPTEST – M-RUN Overview

ZAPTEST PDF Test Automation

ZAPTEST – Use Case Automation

ZAPTEST API Testing Promo

ZAPTEST – ZOE Introduction

ZAPTEST Tutorial – Recorder Feature

ZAPTEST – ZAPX Format Promo

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Prepare Application

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Create Script

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Playback

ZAPTEST – 1SCRIPT – Object Recognition Principles

ZAPTEST – MRUN – Prepare Environment

ZAPTEST – MRUN – Execute the Script

ZAPTEST – DOC – Generate Documentation

ZAPTEST – DOC – Integrate Documentation

ZAPTEST – Setup FARM Server

The Three Main Test Automation Factors

POST WRITTEN BY Alex Chernyak Founder and CTO of ZAPTEST, with 20 years of experience in test automation processes and application development. Read on Jack and Jill are both managers of software companies with the task of starting a test...

Test Automation Is The Sport of Racing!

I like to compare Test Automation to the sport of Racing. There are 3 main fundamentals in the sport of Racing; the Track; the Race Car; and the Race Car Driver. When I compare Racing to software testing; the Track is the Application; the Car is the Testing tool, and...

10X Testing ROI = 100% + (-50%) + 600% + 85%

ZAPTEST helps Enterprises to achieve testing ROI over 10X!  Reality Testing is an overhead! However, any organization that drives business digitally can’t afford to release poor quality software. Development-driven testing doesn’t offer quality...

Getting Real about Agile Testing

  Reality I have suspected for some time that Agile Development is bragged about but rarely achieved. I confirmed this at StarEast when I spoke to over 200 testing professionals. Almost without exception, I was told that testing in Agile was being executed two...

QAs – Stop Pleasing Devs, Represent Business!

Reality Mission of Quality Assurance in the development process is to assure quality of software based on the application requirements given by the Business Quality Assurance is performed by executing test procedures (Test Cases) based on the application under test...

QA Team Formation Wins The Game!

ZAPTEST helps enterprises to achieve testing goals either for testing formal way (Waterfall) in COE or Agile in DevOps …     Reality Organization of the software testing process is the key to productivity of any QA practice in today’s...

Don’t Write Test Documentation!

    ZAPDOC allows QA professionals to create test documentation … with just one click! Reality Test Documentation development is the essential phase of any Quality Assurance process.  For many Enterprises having test documentation is imperative...

“Show me the Money!” / Test Automation ROI

As you can see with ZAPTEST used by just one engineer Execs will increase test automation ROI 3 times (i.e. $16,800 vs. $50,400)!   Reality Software test automation is an expensive initiative that involves specific skills and technologies that result in high...