Test Automation Suite

What's Inside?


Device Management Platform

What's Inside?

ZAPTEST Components


ZAPTEST contains our proprietary 1Script technology which can automate against any GUI based application the same way a user does - using Visual Object recognition. This changes the game in two ways:

  • It tremendously reduces test script development and maintenance time

  • allows test development from AUT mockups and textual use-cases


The ZAP M-RUN allows parallel or sequential execution of the same script on multiple work stations and mobile devices. Using ZAP M-RUN test automation teams expedite time to execution multiplied by number of devices per given test runs.

M-RUN technology is available in the ZAPTEST Free and Enterprise editions.


ZAP DOC technology can automatically generate test documentation for your test scripts. With a click of a button, DOC converts the automated VBScript/Javascript test case into plain english document in RTF or HTML. DOC supports integration with HP ALM and CA Agile Central test documentation and management.

DOC technology is available in the ZAPTEST Free and Enterprise editions.



Device Management Platform

What's Inside?

ZAPFARM Components


ZAPFARM is a private cloud device hosting management solution that allows organizations to manage mobile devices and conventional workstations under test to offer their testing and development teams to manage applications under test and test cycles for Cross-Platform/cross-environment applications development and testing remotely.

ZAPFARM users host and manage devices and applications under test in the secure environment within their organizations.

ZAPFARM allows for users to create user groups and devices and schedule access of particular devices by user groups using locked or concurrent devices and unlimited number of users for manual or automated testing.

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