Module Controls Overview

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In this video we will review the LOAD module menues and toolbar items. Let's start with the menu items. File Menu items allow us to create, open, and save load configurations. ZAPTEST saves a load configuration to a file with zlc extention. You can also open latest run results by selecting the "Show Last Result" menu item. The RUN menu has three items - Start load test, and two items to stop it. Request to stop LOAD test makes soft stop when the test finishes handling requests before stopping. It allows virtual users to finish current iteration and complete ramp-down. The second Stop item will force a test to stop immediately. The Settings menu includes an item which opens the Load Configuration dialog, where you can change basic load settings. The HELP menu includes Tutorial link. This link opens a page on ZAPTEST website, where you can watch all the tutorials. Now let's take a look at the Toolbar. It contains most usable features from the LOAD menus. Create New, Open, or Save load configurations. Buttons to Start and Stop the load test, and to Show last results.

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