SLA Settings

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The SLA or Service Level Agreement Settings are used to define pass-fail criteria for a load test. To enable the settings, we need to select the Enable Criteria checkbox. With the first criterion we can specify custom value in milliseconds for the Average Request Time. This value is a threshold which determines passed or failed status based on time spent on sending a request to the server and getting back a response. The second criterion defines maximum allowed rate of server errors. The third one defines maximum allowed rate of script errors. This includes errors coming from failed CustomReport steps. The Error Measurement Time defines intervals for counting the above errors. Each virtual user group has its own set of SLA Criteria settings. A load test result will have Passed status when the average response time or error rates do not exceed specified thresholds. In case of a violated SLA the test results will show affected vuser group and method. When we have multiple SLA violations during a load test, the results will show them all.

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