Differences between OCR Modes

Alternative Player
In ZAPTEST you have options to select way of application GUI scanning during script runtime. In some cases scanning of the GUI as entire piece may cause the problems of the object recognition. Especially when working with some complicated GUI with lots of the objects, noisy backgroud etc. To select alternative OCR option you need to change Zap Object Engine (or ZOE) parameters. Navigte to Tools - Options - ZOE. On the bottom of the tab there is drop down menu with Scan Mode selection. There are 3 modes - Fragmented scan - gui scans as a set of multiple small fragments and each fragment processed separately. That allows to increase precision significantly - Continious scan - gui scans to repository as a single sheet, that increases performance yet may decrease precision - Auto scan - works like continious at the begginning but in case of object not found it swithes to the fragmented setting Another point is Allow OCR Objects Cache checkbox. If this checkbox marked ZAPTEST stores previously scanned views and objects in cache during 5 minutes - that allows to increase performance of the object recognition if some view or part of the view operates repeatedly.

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