GUI Map Object Highlighting

Alternative Player
Objects Highlight feature was introduced to improve visibility of objects in the GUI Map at desing time. With this feature, ZAPTEST users can locate objects more easily inside a View's image, and quickly identify an object's type. To enable highlighting I need to find and click the "Enable Highlighting Objects" button located on the GUI Map side bar. Now each object has colored highlighting based on object's type. Looking at there distinct colors I can qickly identify OCR type object, Image type object, Area object, Or objects of any other type, for example, swiper. To view details about the objects types and there colors, I need to find and click Show Information button. The information dialog lists types of objects and corresponding colors. ZAPTEST users can customize colors used for highlighting. To do this I need to go to the OPTIONS, navigate to the GUI Map Configuration page, and press Set Highlight Colors button. Using controls on this dialog I can select new color for each object type, or switch back to default colors. GUI Map automatically updates highlighting using new color settings. To disable Highlighting I need to click "Disable Highlighting Objects" button on the GUI Map side bar.

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