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Recorder functionality With recorder functionality you are able to create video scenario of test case, then you can watch and demonstrate this scenario and generate views that can be used for building of the test script. Click "Scenario" tab below scripting area - you can see "Record Screen" button and "Properties" button. You can set up properties prior to record a scenario: FRAME RATE is frames per second value - if you want to record dynamic application with many event set higher rate, for static applications minimal frame rate is ok QUALITy is quality of recording video, if you plan to generate views based on video qality should be maximum. note - higher frame rate and higher quality will significantly increase size of ZAP file ALWAYS ON TOP - will remain recorder control panel on top over all other windows MINIMIZE ON RECORD will minimize recorder control panel to the taskbar Click "Record Screen" button to start recording. Recording starts and views will generate automatically based on alteration of the screen content. Then select application under test and perform steps that need to be done during test scenario. You can click "Pause" to pause recording, click "Create view" to create exact view manually. You can minimize control panel. After finish of test scenario click "stop" button on the recorder control panel. Return to ZAPTEST. You will see views that can be generated on the top and recorded video on the bottom of the ZAPTEST window. Now you can play video to see repeat of scenario, expand to the fullscreen mode and manually add view of every screen that been recorded during scenario. On the top panel you are able to generate views to object repository, zoom in/zoom out these views preview or delete recorded data if you do not need it anymore. note - if you generate views to object repository and then delete recorded scenario views will saved in repository anyway and you will keep ZAP file with views and without a video and with significantly smaller file size.

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