ZAP Namespace

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In this video we will review ZAP namespace. ZAPTEST has introduced ZAP namespace for easy and comprehensive access to all its internal methods and objects. To use it, simply type "zap" anywhere in your script followed by dot. This expands list of items representing reach collection of methods and objects. All these items serve various purposes, such as Datatable operations, System commands, Test Parameters, Global and Local variables, Test execution control methods, Integrations, Transactions, and many more. ZAPTEST displays tooltip for each item with description, arguments, and returned values. If an item represents another namespace, it will expand to reveal it's own elements. In this example I construct statement to retrieve value from Datatable parameter "Browser". Another example of a namespace is SystemUtil. You can use its commands to run and close applications on your computer. TestParameters namespace includes commands that you can use to manage parameters for passing information to test modules. Any item from the ZAP collection can be used on it's own, without specifying "zap" object. Your old scripts that include popular commands like Wait, RunTest, or Include, will continue to run as usual. At the same time you have excellent tool to explore many other great features of ZAPTEST.

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