600% Productivity Increase

Alex Chernyak speaks about 600% productivity increase in test automation with ZAPTEST. we got created in here somewhere here look great yeah anybody else all right go do get my name is now it's turning up video president secure observe test you saw the red booth there I'm gonna talk today for five minutes as a fraction of them are going to tomorrow about how we're gonna change the game of testing and how we are changing the game of destined to day so I'm gonna use this five managers to introduce the six hundred percent productivity now for this experiment I want to talk about one of our colleges called one strip so we've got a comparison game to navigate right so you'll look us animation put out test automation yeah you guys tired we got red you want Red Bull now alright good deal job look at it it's about that foundation so what we take we take a current method that's museum today and it may be a little unique it's maybe a tools that's eighty I have these tools of maybe be space tools it's maybe tools and pace of HTML tags anything to take measurement we see a margin we see that our comparative tools that currently use start somewhere in the trade environment and it may be any type of trade balances maybe samples jail time cross three browsers with one script right some tools cannot come across operating system and started trading system samples can do all day but start of an angle anyway so we bypass it all with one strip because we have no limitation with application to animate and one strip runs at all drop so for that we take redaction because we have less scripting we take 25% that allows you to create scripts faster make sense so it will take a number average test procedure if you deal all the logical test procedures fairly take eight hours right from beginning today aptitude them to plug it into any procedural detector give it a so the fastest I'm adding to 25% of the action it's the six of powers so as a first run second runner comes back to the three operating system or three fragments I should say we always play one against three please there may be five there may be two they're different that will take another immunity so if you take a boxer on her you multiply three by six but a decoder you get in 24 hours this is what it's going to take you to build test procedure every engine to any environment that you require to test versus software we still require six hours it didn't change because one script around on any permutation of a button so far so good oh it yeah I see you nodding you're not sleeping right don't sleep okay now words that you usually firm that it's going to take you the self procedure usually performs to a domain between 160 hours we got 16 160 hours business hours in a month right so you'll be able to have made seven procedure who mama engineer versus Rosetta's you can animate 27 that's the one engineer per month exam already productivity significant exam follow it again good and if we multiply we take it to engineers that we use it for our experiment that automates the using SAP test if I multiply it by two we've got 54 procedures and months that's two engineers able to animate exacta versus any other tools which will require two almost eight people of the teeth to out to be the same thing make sense so first remove the following numbers yeah so that leaves you 54 versus seven six hundred seventy one point four percent productivity the tool and please just with two people using scepter for this animation the partial good I'm out sharing a presidency curves app test and presenting tomorrow at one o'clock here how to change the game it's a one-hour presentation I'm gonna change you though you're never gonna be the same again I promise got tomorrow

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