Cross Platform Test Automation: Windows and Mac

Cross-Platform test automation with ZAPTEST - Windows and Mac. in this video we'll see how zap tests can automate an application cross-platform on Windows and OS X using a single script and repository we can automate both the Windows version and the Mac version of an application [Music] now let's run the script first it would add the file to the playlist and verify that the file is currently playing then it would stop and go to the artists hand color we will verify few genre tags and then click on one of the similar artists and perform a search to verify the surgery was successful verify the SoundCloud object is shown up and then reset the app then zapped I switched the Mac version of the app running the same test case adding the file to the playlist and verifying it started playing then going to the artists info and looking for the tags and finally searching for a related artist and resetting the app now the dust is over we can view the results as you can see everything has best successfully and each object we interact with has been captured in an image

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