MS TFS Integration

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Service integration feature enables saving and storing of scripts and documentation in our project. zap test presents integration with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation server with this feature you will be able to save and store scripts and documentation in your project and ultimately in the case of a failed test result it will report a bug to the project just a few clicks will connect zapped s to V STS TFS go to the integrations tab select V STS TFS connection and populate your project credentials click connect and you're in now you are able to save your scripts to the vs TS TFS project and load them from there and generate manual test steps documentation and export it to your project in a few seconds run the script loaded from the VST s TFS project and zap test will automatically generate a bug in case of any failed step if you are interested in more details about VST s TFS integration please navigate to our zap test portal

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