ZAPTEST & CA DevTest Integration

ZAPTEST supports integrations with popular application development and testing tools: - JIRA - Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Service - Jenkins - HP Application Lifecycle Management - CA Agile Central hi rod here and want to show a very exciting new platform for developers and testers it's a new generation of software test automation solution called Zep test and that best is used for testing cross-platform applications of any type of GUI based software and any modern operating system mobile or conventional platform including iOS Android windmill blackberry Windows Mac and Linux and supports the whole concepts of agile and continuous integration experience delivery and a lot of the themes that we have here at EA in terms of supporting continuous delivery I like this this platform because it upgrade does a great job of not only supporting how our application developers and testers work with service virtualization but the whole concept of service continuous delivery from supporting the ability of building scripts taking those scripts and driving them out into agile central to support to provide predefined test cases in the test case format can be used to drive agile requirements designer test cases which is a very powerful very powerful value proposition so I'm going to go through and explain some of the components here of ZAP test there's the depth test UI which allows us to be able to build cross-platform test automation using visual object recognition so this is a concept that's kind of a derivative of optical character recognition what this gives me the ability of doing is taking any type of document whether it be a mock-up or a screen capture or something from my cell phone and putting that in the depth s UI and being able to go ahead and capturing all those objects all those all those screen objects using the best technology to build a script it allows us to drive test across all these platforms there's a documentation test documentation converter this is a powerful facility for allowing us to generate that only the test case documentation but being able to integrate and generate test cases for agile central as well as as a requirements designer in lüdersen VM run Amazon meri run facility that allows us to take platforms like Windows and Linux any type of workstation device as well as mobile and allows us to go ahead and run those tests across multiple platforms or one individual script zephyr arm is the device host management facility that allows us to go ahead and run these not only on Prem but in the cloud so that test and ZEB farm and our value proposition here from zeb test is automating any tests any software application across platform using the visual object recognition technology so this allows us to execute any permutation or combination of application under test in any environment and reduce the amount of time it takes to build and execute test scripts for development and maintenance one of the things i really like about this facility is that it that only allows is very powerful allow any user skill including novice and advanced test automation here's to support to support agile efforts the test automation for agile shift left allows test development based on what we call mock ups and again this complements our message in service virtualization as we shift left so the ability to build scripts from from captured files from from paper documents whiteboard exercises that we do in our sprints did anything to do with what we do with service virtualization in terms of being able to mock up and build virtual services from request response players and whistles or models very early in the cycle without a full system built out this supports that concept as well the ability to ship left and support agile efforts this is a depiction of what I just spoke about regarding the documentation facility of SAP test which on the Left supports all of our agile central efforts as well as our efforts in agile requirements designer taking those test cases right from Zaap tests and importing them into agile central as test cases and then taking those test cases that are nicely formatted in building them as test cases into agile requirements designer emulator on or earlier if you stay at the same time parallel in the lifecycle being able to support our application development unit testing efforts development or early functional testing and regression testing against personal services one of the things I want to show in the demo is the way we fit with server personalization it's kind of a example of how we can use that test so I can take the SAP test UI I can build my scripts very quickly and easily which I've done here through our cars forward cars demonstration that we touched and a demo of cars for customers so what we've done is we take in mock-ups I've just provided the team here with some screen prints of the screen captures of each of the conversation the whole conversation of our forward cars transaction and then the the ability of using the visual object recognition technology in depth us to build those scripts out very quickly and easily and now I can drive that against my cars back in virtual ed services so I'm going to be showing how which I've already built and I'm going to go ahead and use that in the demo as well so again very simple example but a very powerful example so we'll show the process of a script that's already built again the ability to automate any application at windows and any device as well as other operating systems driving the documents into agile designer and then for example and eventually excuse me to a July Angela requirements designer and eventually to execute those scripts across either on primer cloud so this is this is just an example of how I can use in wet script technology to automate any application under test let's say I'm in a container in a sprint session and we're doing some white boarding and I'm white boarding user interface for example that I want to be able to use later on and show how we can deliver software within our two-week cycle I can take that I can take a screen capture of it or picture of it and I can very quickly import that into into SAP test where I can use the workbench to map the objects and the text and the classes and very simply generate the script so this is an example using their one script technology with for word cars and you can see the conversation of log on the actual entering of the user password the selecting inventory so these are just individual transactions within the entire conversation of forward cars that we were able to capture and this is just a sample of the scripting technology that we would be use if we're building scripts we can identify very easily how those script components and the objects are mapping to their GUI mapper there's a GUI mapper that is interactive with in the script building disability that allows us to very easily understand where we are with the script once we build the script we can take the script and generate the documentation as you can see in the bottom here there's a very nice script that is built for it imports directly into agile central as a test case and this test case document can very easily be formatted and used to build an object and Asthma requirements designer as well so this is this is great technology for getting our customers moving across so their sprints and providing again the shift left mantra that that we need in supports this morning a continuous delivery message so once we have the the devices and the workstations or the virtual machine staged I can drive the test across those devices and machines in parallel and this allows me to execute scripts across all devices at once in a Tony I'm creme but they have a zip farm of offering which is a device hosting management solution for private cloud using distributed devices under test ok so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to shell out to the demo and for most of you that have seen for word cars this will be this will be old-school but I just want to introduce forward cards for those have not seen it it's just a very simple application that we use to in our service virtualization demo but the live system the system is running live right now I've actually got I've actually got a virtual service built in the essence of time but as you can stage running on in life port here which is 7000 I can go in the application choose a car I can get detail on the car I can get event information do a lookup report primarily maybe from a third party if we can virtualize and then I can go back home to the application it's very simple example wanted to show some of the power the main things to show the power across you know building one script and taking that script and driving of the functional tests across platforms against the virtual service so I've got a virtual service built the to run in here let me go ahead and stop my transaction count for some reason they got set okay and it's running on eight thousand six okay so set my transaction count to zero and I'm going to go ahead and show you the facility what I'm going to be staging here so in a napkin zap chess what I've done here is I've used their M run facility and essentially I've got my android sensing F seven device hooked up and communicating to the application as well as my virtual machine so I've got a remote virtual machine it's already built down here is the script so as we go through and invoke the M run facility to be able to execute the script again one script is being executed across multiple platforms and multiple devices so imagine if you've got an iOS device of three off different operating systems you've got maybe you know four different chrome devices or CG Samsung devices or other types of mobiles and then you've got maybe a devices running Windows 8 on this 2012 maybe something employed Xbox you can execute all these things in parallel your 1u I M running facility which is very powerful ok so I'm going to go ahead and basically run against the virtual service here so let me go back to my chrome reset and I'm going to go ahead and just run against 8006 which is my virtual service endpoint set that up is to make sure it's working I'm just going to run a couple transactions and go home and I'm going to go ahead and then I'll make sure to reset the virtual service you can see I'm moving the virtual service and I'm going to go ahead and reset that transaction town you can see them nothing playing is going on here so I'm going to go ahead and just run this and as you see as it's running you can see interactively the progressions in the script and then the transition within mobile device as well as the virtual machine and they go ahead and run it and you can see the scripts starting to execute in the bottom and starting the transition across the conversation of corporate cars through mobile and workstation so one of the things I like about this is its ability to automate any software application cross-platform using just one script so just building one script and being able to support all these platforms and devices as is and performing pre development cuts automation using very fundamental or primitive mock-ups again we don't have to get organizations start pounding away and building some type of UI I can just take a snapshot with my phone and be able to take that mock-up and build that use case and complement that with my service virtualization message which is using a mock-up through a few request/response payers and some listings or Waddell's importing those and I've got some very effective tools for doing agile development and testing this really will expedite the time to regression test execution on the multiple use days workstations and devices at once and just tremendously reduces the amount of test script development and maintenance time allowing developers and testers to to be able to use again very easy very simple mock-ups to be able to build and test pages to be able to go fishery in a very competent fashion so you can see the the virtual machine is completed the mobile device is just about ready perhaps you've been following some of the script executions in the bottom then when we're done with this we'll get a report and find out it's like an audit report to find out how everything is and everything executed within our test and we're just about down here scanning through the vehicle report our test is almost completed and there we go great so now what I want to do is I want to go ahead and I want to be able to show the results of the test so this is a nice audit report that shows the the amount of time it allows maybe the the execution test execution time each step within the iteration shows the execution of the object so this is for my virtual machine maybe I can show first twenty-five entries and then I can expand those so you can see not only the the collection of the object but of the object value case the inventory search do the same thing cost to the mobile device as well so it shows me all of my all of my events and I can expand the rows and that will show me all the details across my movie device as well right so this is my audit report I've done a good job here I've got my eye test completed the next thing I want to do we want to generate documentation this is very powerful because not only when we generate from the script that we just went and used for execution we could take it and move it across agile central we can move it across HP ALM as well as you know any type of RTF formats and XHTML so I'm just going to go ahead and run this in a matter of a few seconds it's going to go ahead and generate the script that I can bring over to agile central and again from antis central I might want to take that script and break it into agile requirements designer as well so as you can see from here I can go ahead and export to agile agile central and the steps are in an order that would be a very nice metaphor they could speak for those who are ads or requirements designer aficionados we could take this and we can move this into ads a requirements designer very easily to help us build test cases and move those forward in the lifecycle okay going back here you can see we were also able to hit the virtual service so I got 15 transactions can open up those I can show you section view and you can see I got some really nice hits so good thing as well get some nice matches great okay so that's a little tour of observe test again the zapotec technology can generate automatically generate test documentation as well as being able to execute across platform supports a lot of our CI CD efforts for our customers and provides the ability of complementing both the agile central agile requirements designer answers virtualization including you think about it release automation as well because as we kick off tests from our a where those tests are kicked off from the configuration team or the kicked off from release managers this is a this is a platform with it very well within that done within that within that area thanks for watching guys

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