ZAPTEST UI + API Test Automation

The API module allows testing wide types of API Services: REST and SOAP while XML and JSON data formats. ZAPTEST supports mixing of UI and API objects in one script: covering front and back ends of Web Applications becomes easier. in this video we will demonstrate how zap test can be used for UI and API combined testing in this test example we will define steps to perform a user's login to our website and we will use a web service call to retrieve a test user account during runtime let's run this test and review the results the user account value was successfully achieved in this API step and used in the sequential UI step in the next example we created a test to perform similar steps in M run mode across multiple devices here we will use the same web service call but will retrieve different user accounts to be used on different devices in the if statements we use the devices connection names to get specific login accounts let's run this test and review the results zap test has retrieved and used unique user IDs on each device for more information please visit our website

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