Building First Load Test

Welcome to ZAPTEST Tutorials! In this tutorial you will learn about ZAPTEST LOAD component , and you will build your first API load test. We will begin by creating a simple API test. We will use the API Explorer to define API Server object Here we will type ZAPTEST demo API server's address, and select the Load WSDL Data checkbox. From the list of methods we will select "Get Products", and define product names for validation in the Check List tab. Next we will define a step for this method in our test. To do this we will drag the method item to the Step view, and select the Execute And Check Response By List operation. During a test run we can measure time of execution of one or several steps by defining Start and End Transaction. To do this we will use ZAP Utility item from the toolbox, and select Start Transaction method Here we will type logical name for the transaction. We need to use same name in the End Transaction step. Our test script is ready. We will save it with name "LoadGetProducts". Next we will run the test and review its results. The results must have passed status. Next we will use the LOAD module to build a load test scenario and execute it. To add a test script to our load test scenario we will click the Add button, and select the test script we just created. Next we will configure Execution and Limitation settings for this virtual users group. For the Stop Criteria we will select "By Time", and specify run duration - 1 minute. In the Execution Policy we will keep this selection to allow repeated executions of our test script. Using the Load Generator Settings we will define constant load of 10 concurrent users. Our load test scenario is ready. We will save it to a load configuration file with name LoadTutorial1. To execute the load test we will press the Run button on the LOAD module's toolbar. During a test run we can monitor performance metrics live. Graphs will show number of active virtual users, minimum and maximum latency values for API requests, and error logs. After the test run is complete we will open the test results. The results report provides general information about the load test, ... and includes statistics and graphs for each method or transaction used in the test. We can select any particular graph and use filters to explore counters of interest. A graph's data can be also viewed in a tabular format. For more information about ZAPTEST features and functionalities please navigate to our How- To portal... either through our forum page or through ZAPTEST help on ZAPTEST website. Thank you for using ZAPTEST!

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