Getting Started

In this video we will create a ZAPTEST account and give you a short overview of the Documentation section, the Forum and the Tutorials. Let’s start with creating a ZAPTEST Free Edition account. To create an account we need to install ZAPTEST. There are two ways to do that: First, using the WEB Installer which downloads ZAPTEST from the nearest server to you. This web installer we can download by clicking the Download button on the home page or on the Free Edition page. Second way to install ZAPTEST is by using the Offline Installer. For the offline installer there is a special link under the download button. The Offline Installer can be useful when you have network restrictions, but it can also take more time. We will install ZAPTEST using the WEB Installer, which shows an estimation of the download time. When the installation is complete, click on “Launch ZAPTEST” and then on ZAPTEST Free Edition button. Here, we should fill in the free sign-up form. First and last names, E-Mail address, and the password. Press “GET STARTED” button and ZAPTEST will create our account which we should activate before using. The activation link will be sent to your E-Mail. Activate account using this link and login to ZAPTEST. Now, you are ready to start automating! This account is also useful for getting access to the ZAPTEST documentation and the forum. At the main portal, click on the LOGIN button and enter your credentials. It will take you to our forum. We can also open this forum using the “User Zone” menu, with the “Forum” menu item. There are two main sections: “Best Practices” and “Ask Expert”. At the “Best Practices” section we can find the best practices for using ZAPTEST. The “Ask Expert” section is for the ZAPTEST community. Here you can ask any questions about ZAPTEST and report bugs. If you get some questions while using ZAPTEST, there is a quick button: “Ask Expert”. It creates a new topic in this forum. Just create a new thread and ask ZAP Team about your problem. We will help you as soon as possible. At the User-Zone menu we can find “Downloads”, “How-To”, and the “Tutorial” pages. “How-To” page contains ZAPTEST video documentation. Those videos describes how to use some of the methods and how to work with M-RUN, DOC, Device Manager, and with ZAPTEST in general. On the “Tutorial” page you can find ZAPTEST related tutorials. We are adding new lessons to this page quite frequently, so check-in periodically for updates. Also on this page, you can download the examples for the tutorial lessons, just click the Save icon next to the lesson. On the “Downloads” page you can find the latest version of the ZAPTEST application. If you can’t find something, please use the SEARCH functionality. You can use the search icon at the top of the page or you can use the search control on the forum. Just type what are you looking for and the Portal will show you the results. All of the results are grouped by sections. For example, the How-To section shows documentation, and the Forum section shows resolved issues and best practices. For your convenience, we added the search control at the main toolbar of ZAPTEST application. This control will take you directly to the search engine of the ZAPTEST portal. Don’t forget, if you can’t find something, you can always ask us about it in the forum, and we will be happy to help you!

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