The Mobile Application Revolution

The Internet has become a globalized world of communication, information and entertainment. The ability to access the internet and internet resources from pocket devices and providing new levels of mobility, no matter the location, has become an end user expectation and is no longer viewed as a technological luxury. As an industry, we are on the cusp of a revolution in mobile computing and application development which has the potential to completely reset expectations of how companies and organizations operate internally and how they are perceived externally.

This global network of customers, employees, suppliers, and partners are demanding more from business organizations. With every new mobile application system, user expectations are changing on how available information needs to be packaged and delivered and how the efficiencies from these modern systems enable new levels of productivity and fresh routes to market.

Are YOU ready to seize this opportunity and  keep your business competitive?

We don't use the word "revolution" lightly. In an industry that tends to advance by evolution, mobile applications are something different. Several potent forces are acting in concert to dramatically expand the ability of mobile workers to access any information, at any time, from anywhere. Companies will function in completely new ways by streamlining business processes and extending them to a highly mobile workforce.

Smart phones and tablet computers are already changing the way people live and work.  Just consider all the applications that exploit the GPS capabilities of these platforms. For example, a navigation app for an iPhone allows you to find the nearest gas station, bank, bar, hospital, hotel, movie theater, restaurant, supermarket, or taxi.  You can see the destination on a map, and the phone will give you exact directions to it!

Also consider how mobile applications used to make payments, scan merchandise and transfer information are bringing us even closer to exploiting the full potential of technologies like RFID tags.  Or, how personal mobile devices are making it possible to integrate social networking into the physical world.  Media constantly highlights the potential for this new economy based on mobile applications, an economy that will completely change the way we do business!

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