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In a world that often leaves us breathless; from stress, demand, and the pressure of staying on top of the wave, our main source of oxygen is information. If we don’t know something or are unclear about how we can solve an unusual problem – we often rush to consult the internet, where countless search engines await our inquiries.

Where we used to crowd in the library for access to books and references, we now open up internet browsers and easily find the information we seek in online encyclopedias. Facing a challenge? It no longer takes guessing and endless rummaging through pages of un-needed information just to find what you need. Simply type your question into the internet browser, and you will be relieved to see that you are not the first to face the problem at hand. Forums and blogs sit ready with answers to all sorts of questions – both as profound as the meaning of the cosmos, and as common as the proper way to hold a knife while slicing a head of cabbage.

In this vast ocean and melting pot of words, suggestions, ideas, answers, and mysteries, it is rarely easy to stay afloat. These days, our main flotation devices come in the guise of mobile media. By this, I mean cell-phones, laptops, e-readers, pagers, and the like. If we’re lost, we turn to mobile GPS. If we want to make a memorable date for that special someone, we have the option of simply searching for that perfect place to go.

What makes this possible?

Apps of course! All gadgets and mobile devices rely on apps to give them life and vitality. A friend of mine recently said “there’s an app for everything!” From a technical standpoint, I can’t say that this is entirely true; however, if you’re seeking it, there’s a good chance you’ll find it – or at least something like it. Statistics show that over 300,000 apps have been developed in a three year period.

Pick up a virtual newspaper, tune in to the radio – without actually holding a radio, learn about animal tracks if you think a bear is nearby, learn to tie a knot in case you’re trapped on a cliff, plan a dinner party on your phone, track your package through the mail, impress your date by naming a constellation in the sky (with your phone hiding in your pocket), or even follow along with Yoga poses with music and the works.

The possibilities are endless – even more so because new apps are constantly created, with 2013 estimated to be the peak for their demand.

Yet, despite that “WOW” factor, apps tend to run into errors, just like all programs. Hundreds of forum and internet posts are dedicated to listing the many apps that have fallen short of the users’ expectations. In fact, numbers show that 1 in 4 mobile apps – once downloaded – are never used again. It makes sense. You don’t revisit a restaurant where the catering was poor. We expect to get our money’s worth if we’ve paid for the product.

Fortunately, many companies enforce strict testing before an app is launched and even after it has been around for some time. Testing is a rigorous, time consuming process. To keep up with the sheer volume of apps, this process must not only be done accurately, but also quickly and efficiently. ZAP-fiX, which flawlessly integrates with many different operating system platforms and a variety of HP software, allows its users to make this happen.

If you’re curious about how this works, visit our website and stay tuned for more exciting updates in our growing blog!

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