ZAP Technologies Webinar Opens New Doors for Agile Test Automation

ZAP technologies Webinar Opens New Doors for Agile Test Automation!

Automate your testing before the application has been developed!

It's that time again! ZAP technologies is hosting another exciting webinar this month.

Join Alex Chernyak - ZAP technlogies CTO - for this free 30 minute webinar as he explains how ZAP-fiX and HP ALM can enable agile development teams to expedite test automation prior to developing actual GUI and Applications Under Test.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • Best practices for Agile Testing with HP ALM
  • Agile Test Automation for RIA Apps
  • Agile Test Automation for Mobile Apps

Visit the updated "Webinars" section of our website to register for this event and download videos of our past presentations or click the banner below to be taken directly to the registration link.

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