ZAP Technologies Announces Record Results and Releases for the Next Generation Solution Set

Revenue from Mobile Application testing grows 350%. Company announces solution to validate applications on real devices.

ATLANTA, Ga., August 9, 2011-- ZAP Technologies Inc., the industry leader in Mobile Application Testing, announces record results for the last twelve months of operation. Company revenue leaped 350% as global 2000 organizations rise to adopt mobile applications into their IT strategic plans. ZAP Technologies has also experienced record maintenance revenue, with 95% of customers entering into long term partnerships with the company.

According to industry analysts, mobile application development is expected to encompass over 75% of new application initiatives in the global 2000. However, a major issue to manage in mobile application development is quality, as these applications are used in revenue generating initiatives. ZAP Technologies provides the solution to this seemingly overwhelming problem by putting the tools of efficient quality testing into the hands of its clients. The company has been recognized for its progressive ideas and cutting-edge software, and sales have increased dramatically, with new clients being brought in daily.

One of the most recent markers of ZAP Technologies' success took the form of HP Discover. HP Discover is a trade show focusing on HP's diverse portfolio and how it can revolutionize the approach to IT management, networking, software, hardware, and much more. During this event, ZAP Technologies presented its innovative approach to mobile applications testing using ZAP-fiX; the track session was a huge success among attendees. Although ZAP-fiX was presented alongside hundreds of other HP partners, results showed that ZAP-fiX received the highest amount of leads out of all those in attendance.

"Mobile application testing has become a vital competency within organizations looking to release enterprise mobile applications," said Theresa Lanowitz, Founder and CEO of Voke Inc. "ZAP Technologies has created a way to automate the testing capabilities of mobile applications conveniently from the tester's desktop. With solutions such as ZAP-fiX, organizations are able to expand automated testing to validate mobile applications as part of their standard quality assurance practices."

Zap Technologies Introduces Real Device Test Automation

Recognizing and understanding the need for automated testing for mobile apps, ZAP Technologies has developed a solution called ZAP-fiX (ZPX) that extends the HP Quality Center or HP Application Lifecycle Management desktop testing environment to many mobile platforms: iPhone, iPad, WebOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile®.

ZAP-fiX allows users to efficiently carry out various, critical, tasks including automated test emulations of mobile OS-based applications using HP QuickTest Professional and performance testing and monitoring with HP LoadRunner via a graphical user interface. ZAP-fiX also provides an ergonomically friendly environment for manual testing of mobile applications on a client site, using tools such a PC monitor, keyboard, and mouse instead of testing on the mobile device itself.

ZPX Viewer– is a ZAP Windows based software that extends test framework development, execution, and result validation. It also allows instant interaction with Application Under Test on the device. ZPX Viewer connects wirelessly to Device Under Test through OS agents and allows the centralization of hardware environment worldwide.

ZAP-fiX is an extension to several HP products:

-Application Lifecycle Management– provides a centralized platform for managing and automating the application lifecycle from inception to retirement. ZAP-fiX Viewer extends the development, execution, and results validation of the test framework by providing snapshots of the mobile AUT's expected results.

-QuickTest Professional– enables building functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. Featuring a graphical user interface, it captures, verifies, and replays user interactions automatically and quickly helps identify and report on application effects.

-Quality Center and Sprinter – is the market-leading Web-based quality management platform that enables you to manage application quality with a consistent, repeatable, process that reduces risk and costs while increasing efficiency across the entire application lifecycle. All of this is done within a single platform that provides traceability and visibility across your entire process – delivering the information you need to make informed application release decisions.

-LoadRunner – allows the prevention of application performance problems by detecting bottlenecks before a new system or upgrade is deployed. LoadRunner is one of the most widely used testing solutions in the world today. ZAP-fiX for LoadRunner enables performance testing through a GUI-based approach, extending the test strategy to include load and scalability testing.

ZAP-fiX seamlessly integrates with this software, extending each tool's capabilities by adding custom-support libraries for mobile application environments. ZAP-fiX is 100% keyword-enabled, giving QA engineers and analysts the ability to build logical test flows through drag-and-drop. ZAP-fiX test scripts are fully compatible with other environments, so it is easy to build end-to-end test cases that validate complete business processes.

ZAP Technologies has also introduced MAC test automation from Quick Test Professional. Now users – with these additions – can functionally test MAC applications from their desktop through the use of QTP.

"I am very pleased with ZAP Technologies' performance in the past year," said Alex Chernyak, Founder and CTO of ZAP Technologies Inc. "Today, we are expanding ZAP-fiX to support real device testing for Apple, Android, Web OS, and BlackBerry devices. We are excited about the company prospects as we accelerate our business plan."

ZAP Technologies has been developing and delivering leading consulting services through HP Software for more than a decade. ZAP's specialty is designing best practices around QA management, test automation, performance validation, and application management utilizing HP software products. ZAP experts are actively involved in and work closely with HP Software research and development and product marketing teams on the latest product innovations.

Company Announces Partnership with Apple Inc.

ZAP Technologies is proud to announce its new partnership with Apple Inc. This partnership will open new doors for the company, allowing ZAP Technologies to be presented to a much larger audience.

Now, with Apple extending its hand to ZAP Technologies in a new partnership, ZAP Technologies can explore new frontiers and make its revolutionary solution even more versatile and adaptable. Through this cooperation, ZAP Technologies has added significant extensions of ALM products for Apple environments, setting the stage for accelerating progress and the discovery of new frontiers in the Quality Testing field.

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