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Mobile is the future.

The web hosts an endless valley of opportunity. Even though there are already seemingly countless horizons explored on the internet, there are still many more to be discovered. One of these is the frontier called "mobile". Although the word "mobile" brings up an image of a cell phone or tablet device, it is a word that should go hand in hand with "web". Starting from web design and spanning all the way across to mobile applications, the internet encompasses it all. Whether you are a web designer or an applications developer, you will, at some point, run across the challenges of the current times.

In modern 2012, it isn't enough to simply post a sleek website to advertise your business. The website must also adhere to the rather high-maintenance requirements of the "mobile" industry. Is your website iPhone and Android compatible? Can users easily browse through your website on their mobile devices without a hitch? And don't forget - the website must look just as astonishing on Firefox as it would on all three versions of IE, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari! The climb continues past this, however; after conquering the internet browsers, it is time to face the challenge of making your app/website compatible with mobile browsers on systems such as:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry Webkit
  • IE Mobile
  • Opera Mobile
  • Opera Mini
  • Firefox Mobile
  • Silk
  • Ovi
  • pre-6.0 Blackberry browsers
  • WebOS Webkit
  • Nokia Webkit
  • Netfront
  • UCWeb
  • Dolfin
  • and more!

Now, enter a new challenge - testing all of this on real devices!

After taking a step back and looking at the list above, you might feel more than a little overwhelmed. After analyzing your resources and the amount  of them you would have to expend to meet all of the above challenges, you may compare the statistics and decide to reach as far as making your website/app iOS and Android compatible (the two systems that make up more than half of mobile traffic).


Doing this would certainly cover many popular bases, but it would still leave other points untouched. It is vital to test products on every platform possible, because even though other browsers and operating systems may not be as popular as iOS and Android, they are still in use!

ZAP technologies recognizes the challenges that modern developers face and is offering a solution that will make testing on real devices easier than ever. This solution is called zapFARM. Along with ZAP-fiX, zapFARM is a powerful tool that makes testing on real devices easy, affordable, and efficient. Not only that, but zapFARM is there with you every step of the way, providing support whenever you need it most.

Read more about zapFARM at and find out how real device testing can be within your reach!

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