ZAP technologies Shares Success with Interview at HP Discover 2012!

HP Discover 2012 in July was an exciting experience for ZAP technologies. Each year, ZAP attends this large-scale event to present revolutionary solutions and show off their new and innovative features.  This year, we were even asked to participate in a personal interview with Diane England of HP to help give some insight about ZAP technologies and our unique MOBILE application testing solution products. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Interviewer:           Welcome, Alex, and thank you for joining us today at Discover 2012! I want to start off our conversation today with an introduction of ZAP Technologies and who they are.

Alex Chernyak:           Hello, Diane. ZAP Technologies has been an HP Software and Mercury partner for over a decade. We started as an extension of Mercury Professional Services Organization, focusing on test automation processes using Mercury and HP Software and Technologies. Today, over the years, we have emerged to be a software development company, implementing our rich experience in the field to extending HP ALM on the market. ZAP Technologies has a number of products in development, including ZAP-fiX. The ZAP-fiX Solution acts as an add-in for HP ALM and QuickTest Professional, extending QTP to different platforms, such as MOBILE, cross-product devices, Apple, UNIX, and also focusing on Windows Rich Internet Applications and Agile Test Automation.

Interviewer:            Great! So could you tell us a little bit about how ZAP-fiX integrates with some of the HP Solutions?

Alex Chernyak:           In summary, ZAP-fiX acts as an add-in for QTP, allowing developers to extend their automation functionalities onto different platforms. Thus, using ZAP-fiX, any QTP development team can flawlessly extend automation on mobile devices, on a Mac-based operating system. This includes cross-browser testing and encompasses browsers such as Safari and Chrome on Mac and different native applications, including iOS layers. Also, this includes UNIX and Windows cross-browser development with Chrome and Agile Test Automation.

Interviewer:            Great! And can you tell me a little bit about the most exciting thing that you worked on jointly with HP Software this year?

Alex Chernyak:           One of the biggest and most exciting deals that we worked on this year was a large retail vendor that was searching for a test automation solution to extend their latest portal development. ZAP came up as the leading expert in the process of using HP ALM as a main platform. Considering its diverse customer base, this particular retailer needed to extend their testing to multiple platforms, including MOBILE, Mac, UNIX, and also Rich Internet Application. As a result, ZAP-fiX acted as the main extension of HP ALM to address this need. Utilizing ZAP’s vast experience in the industry and the revolutionary capabilities of ZAP-fiX, ZAP and HP could jointly win the business of this retailer. Therefore, we added another happy customer to our portfolio.

Interviewer:            Good! Perfect! So Alex, how do you see the role of IT and the role of the C-level executive emerging or changing in the next three to five years?

Alex Chernyak:           Since the information exchange is very rapid today, the role of the CIO makes very big difference in impact for any organization.Since information is driving the business of today, the CIO is not just a technology expert. The CIO leads the company on the path it takes in terms of information exchange. Therefore, the CIO makes a tremendous impact on any company’s revenue and the success.

Interviewer:            Okay. Great! Well, thank you very much for joining us today!

Alex Chernyak:           Thank you for having me!

For a more in-depth look at this exciting interview, stay tuned to our Youtube channel for a complete video!

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