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ver the past several years, the Mobile industry has exploded with inventions. If an interested client searches the keyword “mobile”, they will be bombarded with countless options to step out into the bold environment of modern communication. The world that previously saw the domination of the web may now discover that the rising success of such conveniences as tablets, apps, smart phones, and the Cloud may overtake the internet in popularity.

Yet, despite the lucrative mobile market, some companies still struggle to stay ahead of the game. The difficulty lies at the heart of the creative process. All applications must be rigorously tested for errors and hiccups before they are sent out into the public eye. Nobody wants their application to crash in the middle of an important task. But, with so many platforms and so many different outlets to cater to, testing an application and modifying it to fit all of them is extremely time-consuming and expensive.

ZAP Technologies recognizes and understands the complex needs of the testing community and seeks to provide flexible solutions to assist in their work. The most extensive and popular tool is ZAP-fiX (ZPX) that extends the HP Quality Center or HP Application Lifecycle Management desktop testing environment. ZAP-fiX seamlessly integrates with this environment, enhancing the scripting process and allowing testers to reach out to all platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

ZAPTEST Execution

ZAP-fiX allows users to efficiently carry out various, critical, tasks including automated test emulations of mobile OS-based applications using HP QuickTest Professional and performance testing and monitoring with HP LoadRunner via a graphical user interface. ZAP-fiX also provides an ergonomically friendly environment for manual testing of mobile applications on a client site, using tools such a PC monitor, keyboard, and mouse instead of testing on the mobile device itself.

ZAP-fiX seamlessly integrates with this software, extending each tool’s capabilities by adding custom-support libraries for mobile application environments. ZAP-fiX is 100% keyword-enabled, giving QA engineers and analysts the ability to build logical test flows through drag-and-drop. ZAP-fiX test scripts are fully compatible with other environments, so it is easy to build end-to-end test cases that validate complete business processes.

The most recent addition to the ZPX solution includes the Instrumenter for Android and iOS. Instrumenter gifts the testing community with a much-needed choice of either rooting (jailbreaking) their current device under test or instrumenting the application under test to be tested on any un-rooted device.


ZAP-fiX also introduces cross-browser testing. Switching between Mac and Windows – Safari and IE – is now easier than ever. All testing can be done in the Cloud, and ZAP Technologies provides a private Cloud as part of our offerings. Scripts can quickly and simply be moved from one platform to another – no hassle and less room for error.

With ZAP-fiX, you can  now script once and play anywhere!


ZAP-fiX is an extension to several HP products:

-Application Lifecycle Management– provides a centralized platform for managing and automating the application lifecycle from inception to retirement. ZAP-fiX Viewer extends the development, execution, and results validation of the test framework by providing snapshots of the mobile AUT’s expected results.

-QuickTest Professional– enables building functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. Featuring a graphical user interface, it captures, verifies, and replays user interactions automatically and quickly helps identify and report on application effects.

-Quality Center and Sprinter – is the market-leading Web-based quality management platform that enables you to manage application quality with a consistent, repeatable, process that reduces risk and costs while increasing efficiency across the entire application lifecycle. All of this is done within a single platform that provides traceability and visibility across your entire process – delivering the information you need to make informed application release decisions.

-LoadRunner – allows the prevention of application performance problems by detecting bottlenecks before a new system or upgrade is deployed. LoadRunner is one of the most widely used testing solutions in the world today. ZAP-fiX for LoadRunner enables performance testing through a GUI-based approach, extending the test strategy to include load and scalability testing.

Visit the ZAP-fiX page at to learn  more about the ZAP flexible solution to learn more about this widely-used and flexible tool that can help push your testing to the next level.


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