Bridge Building for Success with ZAP-fiX!

Building a successful mobile application can be likened to building a perfect bridge to an isolated island. A successful bridge must be able to withstand many pressures from its surroundings, including variables such as climate. Of course, even if the bridge falls, it can be rebuilt. But, the setback of spending time on rebuilding and reconstructing can be harrowing.

Every day, test automation teams build bridges to reach new islands. New superhighways must be built at demanding speeds so that all islands can be interconnected and easily accessible to the average tourist. Device Under Test (DUT) is a crucial component of this, but in today’s testing environment, it is severely limited.

In the current market, there are too many ways of connecting to an application, including jailbreaking or rooting and instrumenting the Application Under Test (AUT) to allow the use of the app on any untouched device. These approaches come with a lot of controversy. On one hand, rooting/jailbreaking makes it easy for test automation teams to control devices and configure them once to automate any future applications run on them. But, by the same token, large enterprises are reluctant  to use this method due to the myth of its illegality. Although there is a minimal threat of repercussion for using this method, the perceived risk is too high and undesirable.

A second approach is instrumenting applications under test. On the surface, this method looks very straightforward, but in reality it’s a long, uphill, climb for testing teams. It limits what testers can do on their own, because instrumentation has to be performed by the application developers themselves. In many cases, development teams are hesitant to inject external development packages into their source code simply for the sake of testing the tool. Not only that, but only one application can be accessed at one particular time. Each application must, therefore, be instrumented separately.

One might look at this situation and say that there is no silver bullet to target all situations. However, ZAP-fiX has found a way to be that finely crafted tool!

We understand the nature of today’s industry and can empathize with the trials and tribulations that our customers face every day.  Therefore, ZAP-fiX offers a market-first approach to dual configuration of Devices Under Test. Using our tool, customers now have the flexibility of either jailbreaking/rooting a device or using ZAP Instrumenters.

With ZAP-fiX, users that choose to go with the jailbreaking/rooting methodology can apply the same scripts to instrumented applications under test and vice versa, while choosing the other method is a simple matter of using ZAP’s innovative Instrumenters to get the job done. And, best of all, more than one application – or island – can be accessed with a single script.

This revolutionary tool is reshaping the market and the way that testers perform automation. ZAP-fiX allows for the safe and risk-free removal of errors and weaknesses from applications and lightens the load of the bridge-building process. ZAP-fiX is the go-to central hub that houses all the materials the modern testing team requires.

ZAP Technologies is currently working on even more exciting innovations that will continue to revolutionize the testing world. Stay tuned for more updates and subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop!

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