ZAP-fix 12 Unleashes Exciting New Tools and Features to Lead the Market!

At the end of November, we released the newest version of ZPX 12!

This new version is jam-packed with an exciting new interface, features, and tools that will improve our customers’ testing experience and revolutionize the testing market.  ZAP-fiX already sports a large number of competitive features that help to lead the market.

This includes:

  • 1Script Technology – Cross-Client/Cross-Platform
  • Advanced Object Recognition
  • Add-ins for HP ALM software
  • ZPX Viewers
  • And more!

The newest release of ZAP-fiX tops off these features with additional tools and improvements. Some of these include:

  • New look
  • Workbench
  • HP Quality Center Integration
  • ZAP ObjectConnector Engine
  • OCR Tool
  • ZAP Mockup Viewer
  • ZAP Instrumenter


With ZAP 1Script technology, HP QuickTest users can execute the same script developed for one technology platform on the same technology of any other platform. For example, a script developed for Internet Explorer without any additional modification can be executed on any browser on Windows, Mac, Unix, and Mobile. Tremendously increases return investment and reduced maintenance of teset automation framework and increases.  ROI return on investment.

New Look

ZPX 12 offers the convenience of using the ZAP ObjectWorkbench where the user can easily manage the GUI map and test objects with zooming, screen capturing, Relative Objects and other convenient elements.

Quality Center Integration and ObjectWorkbench

ZPX12 allows you to work with test cases that are located directly on the Quality Center repository. The new Workbench feature enables easy test object management whether you are working locally or accessing a remote Quality Center repository. ZPX12 enables test objects to be categorized by screen names and provides the ability to work with existing object repositories. It stores the AVG screenshots in the object repository and enables visual mapping of the existing objects in the test case.

Adding new objects has never been easier. We have enabled automatic object recognition which can find an object on the screen with the click of a button. The relative object identification provides recognition of dynamic objects without text, such as empty text box fields. Saving the repository is now made possible with a single click!

The saved modifications done in the workbench are immediately reflected in the open test case in QTP.

ZOE Object Recognition

The ZAP ObjectConnector Engine is enriched with an advanced algorithm and offers object modification based on object precision, appearance, and text color.

By default, ZAP-fiX offers low, medium, and high precision modification for object recognition, but the user is also able to select custom precision. This feature is useful  in cases where the user wants to select individual steps for bypassing through the test procedure or precisely identifying check points.

The appearance functionality offers users the option of selecting a particular appearance of the  particular object. The default approach is the best match, but the user can also select a specific appearance.

Test color offers the user to select the RGB color of the text within the AUT.

Last but not least, the position functionality offers object recognition based on specific coordinates.

Using all these parameters with ZAP-fiX 12,  ZOE offers robust object recognition that allows cross-client and cross-platform test execution.


OCR Tool - 

The OCR tool makes testing object recognition easy even before the test object has been created. By selecting the object under test it lets you see how the engine sees the text of the object.

Drag and Drop Coordinates - 

This utility offers start and end coordinates of the swiping motion. Very useful when you do mobile test automation.

Image Background Scheme -

Offers the user overall background image color scheme based on RGB. This utility helps to define how the computer sees the particular image.

ZAP Mockup Viewer -

Agile test automation is now simplified with the new ZAP Mockup Viewer.  With this tool, you can now load mockup images of the application under development by selecting single or multiple images or even entire folders. The Viewer is equipped with rotation scaling functionalities along with Previous and Next buttons to easily navigate between mock-ups. We’ve designed the Mockup Viewer with the same interface and functionalities as the known ZPX Viewer. This allows to build the test case using mockups then executing it in real time.

ZAP Instrumenter

ZPX 12 introduces ZAP Instrumenter, the new native agent for iOS and Android platforms. ZAP Instrumenter is packaged as a framework for easy instrumentation into the iOS and Android applications. Most importantly, it does not require jailbreaking or rooting! ZAP instrumenter offers users the option of avoiding jailbreaking or rooting of devices, specifically in situations where jailbreaking/rooting is not permissible or available.

This tool supports single and multi-touch gestures, swiping, soft keyboard and physical keyboard simulations.

For demonstrations and visual examples of how ZAP-fiX12 can enhance your testing experience, visit the product demon library on our website or our Youtube chanel and view our newest video!

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