Speak Your Cloud's Language with ZAP-fiX 12.1!

This week we are focusing our blog post on ZAP-fiX to shed the spotlight on our newest version - 12.1! This version was released last week to be implemented into the ZAP-fiX package. Let's take a look at what's new in this release and how it will improve your testing experience with our revolutionary solution.

What's New in 12.1

ZAP-fiX 12.1 uses ZAP's 1Script technology to provide you with all of ZPX's revolutionary features such as cross-browser and cross-platform scripting with an additional, advantageous, component - multilingual support.

ZPX 12.1 includes the following additional languages:

  • CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

Along with this, 12.1 provides support for the older QTP 9.5 and QTP 10 and the newest QTP 11.5. Object recognition is also enhanced in ZPX 12.1 with Dual OCR.

The Mobile Multilingual Application Reality

In today's ever-growing mobile technology environment, more and more applications need to be oriented towards a wide and global audience. Applications must be handled and fully scripted in multiple languages with all of their available functionalities.  Unfortunately, most testing tools are limited to english only text recognition. There is no robust support for other languages. What makes this situation even more frustrating for testers is the lack of tools that support multilingual apps cross-client. API or image based tools of the current market are singular client and singular language oriented.

The ZPX 12.1 Solution

ZAP-fiX for HP ALM fully supports functional, automated, and performance testing cross-client and cross-platform with its unique 1Script technology. Coupled with these base features, ZPX 12.1 now enables testers to test different (or the same) applications in multiple languages while still maintaining the freedom of testing on any device at any time without limitations!

Find Out More! 

On January 22, ZAP Technologies held a webinar with in-depth, live demonstrations and explanations of ZAP-fiX 12.1. We discussed how this new release solved the greatest challenges of today's testing market and how ZAP's solution breaks away from the norm with unique tools that help testers stay ahead of the game.

Visit our website to learn more about our products and how the ZAP solution can drive your software testing to new heights.

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