Partnerships Drive Synergy for Global Success

No matter how advanced our technology has become, the size of the world has not changed. People and businesses still stretch across continents, some separated by thousands of miles.  The Cloud and the internet helps build bridges across these distances, but not even the most sophisticated of mobile applications can completely fill in the gaps left by differences in locations. To make matters even more complicated, each business has its own niche that it occupies. As everyone knows, there are hundreds of competitors for each runway, and each business races to stay on top. During this struggle, a business “runner” aims for the quickest and most efficient way of getting things done, but this approach can sometimes cause them to miss out on benefits they would have if they slowed down; or just had a helping hand.

Partnerships can do wonders for your business. Not only can a partnership help you make that decisive leap across the chasm of international affairs, but partners can also assist your business in a large variety of ways. Where some partnerships are based purely on the sharing of sales and profits, others are based on boosting each partner’s strengths and eliminating their weaknesses. In this case, the saying of “two heads are better than one” applies literally. One company only has so many hands. Despite the fact that reaching out in hundreds of directions is the best way to make sure that one stays ahead of the game, that reach is limited unless one has friends, colleagues, and business partners as their side.

So, what is a Partnership?

Partnerships are formed when two or more companies with the same goals come together to form a mutual beneficial relationship. Perhaps they have a common set of ideas or a specific set of needs that they feel could be addressed better with cooperation. Forming this type of relationship is often the most logical and efficient way of problem-solving on a higher scale. Two partners working jointly can create a better, combined environment that benefits their mutual customers and bottom lines. Not only does creating a partnership build firm trust between companies all across the globe, doing so also helps create synergy – a key factor in continuous growth and improvement of a business.

Here with ZAP Technologies, we’ve recognized this need and have joined with many partners in recent years to help make our solutions and services well-rounded, solid, and dependable. Some of our partners help their customers implement our tools to their customer base. Others use their extensive knowledge of business development to help make more users aware of our products and how they can help drive their own company needs. Still others work more closely with us at a technical level. Every day, we collaborate to address the complex system of technological needs of the growing software testing market ecology. All of us recognize that, with the help of our partners, we can accomplish much more.

Having 100 friends is often better than having $100!

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