Software and Apps Top the Charts for Spending in 2013!

It isn’t all about consumer apps! Analyst firm Forrester recently released a report looking at global IT spending, and apps are surely and steadily taking up more of the budget for enterprises and governments.

Of the projected $2.06 trillion Forrester expects to be spent on IT this year, applications account for $234.6 billion. Combined with custom-built software by contractors and consultants, middleware and operating systems, software as a whole makes up the largest portion of this year’s estimated spending, coming in at $542 billion. Of these four sub-categories, applications is the largest. From TechCrunch: Forrester’s big-picture look at spending puts software as the biggest general category for investments, at $542 million for 2013. “Software is where most of the big changes in technology are taking place,” writes Bartels. That is to say, while legacy, on-premise investments are “languishing,” those that focus on cloud-based implementations such as SaaS; and “smart computing” in the form of big data analytics and mobile apps are booming — following trends we’ve seen for a while now. Overall, software investments are set to grow 3.3% this year and 6.2% in 2014 — growth rates that he concedes “may not seem impressive [but still] stronger than any other tech category.”

This push toward applications is echoed by the increase in IT spending on tablets. While PCs still account for the most equipment-related spending ($134.2 billion to tablet’s $21.1 billion), the growth of spending on tablets is far outpacing the growth of PC spending.

Traditional PCs, Bartels writes, will see “just a 3% rise, despite the launch of Windows 8 operating system.” So what’s growing? Tablets, and specifically the iPad. Forrester projects that sales of tablets to business and government will go up by 36% this year to $21 billion.

This bodes well for mobile app developers and testers. And it should serve as a reminder that apps – especially enterprise level apps – need to be optimized for tablets if you want to keep potential customers happy.

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