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ZAP MULTIRUN gives Test Automation Spider-man the Matrix super power to make sure that all application test environments are properly tested with one execution!

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In EUT-city there was only one building and the legendary Old-Runner was running stairs making sure there were no Bad-Villains disturbing tenants and destroying the building. Old-Runner was great at running around this building only in  EUT-city. He knew every single stair and every room to precise detail of this building only in EUT-city. 

However, the Mayor of EUT-city, in order to compete with other cities and to attract more residents into EUT-city, started to build more buildings with modern layouts and new stairs. The Bad-Villains started to populate the new buildings in EUT-city because Old-Runner didn’t have enough time to run around all the buildings by running stairs. New buildings had unique and complicated layouts, making it difficult and timely for Old-Runner to learn all of the layouts while looking for the Bad-Villains.

The Bad-Villains started to populate EUT-city, causing good residents all kinds of trouble, destroying buildings and ruining the peaceful life of EUT-city. Residents of EUT-city started to move to the other cities abandoning the EUT-city. The Mayor was about to lose his favorite city to the Bad-Villains…

One day the Mayor hired a new generation super hero to patrol EUT-city – the Spider-man. Spider-man, instead of running stairs like the Old-Runner, started to fly across all the buildings in EUT-city looking for the Bad-Villains through the windows and arresting them. This approach was working and Spider-man was saving EUT-city.

But other cities were developing at a faster pace in order to offer their residents newer and more modern buildings. In order to compete with the other cities and provide EUT-city residents with similar life styles, the Mayor started to build more buildings rapidly, and EUT-city started to grow with more and more modern, unique buildings.

Spider-man had to work a lot faster flying around EUT-city looking for Bad-Villains. He was doing a great job, though he was just by himself, and it was difficult to patrol EUT-city alone. So, Spider-man acquired the Matrix super power.

With the Matrix, Spider-man was able to multiply himself unlimitedly and patrol all the EUT-city buildings at once making sure there were no Bad-Villains whatsoever!

And They Lived Happily Ever After…


Modern testing software applications require testing on multiple environments in the short period of time (Agile/DevOps). Software testing has to be automated.

Current test automation technologies (tools) at most are using API object recognition to recognize test object on the application GUI using test object properties. Each API specific to particular type of GUI technology, i.e. .NET, Flex, iOS, SAP etc....

Application test environment, or Environment Under Test (EUT) is the combination of GUI interface running on OS, i.e. Chrome browser running on Windows, or native application running on Android etc.


The traditional (or old-fashioned)  way is when automated test execution is done by running a script created per particular GUI of application under test (AUT) on particular OS. This approach worked in the old days when organizations had to test only on one application EUT (hence the EUT-city with only one building).

In order for such tools to perform test automation on another EUT, users have to develop standalone test script and to execute this script separately. 

This approach is taking place with most of the current test automation tools on the market.

In today’s fast pace of application development, (Agile/DevOps,) the current approach to test automation is very time consuming and is causing Quality Assurance teams a longer time to market with test automation development, maintenance, and execution. Test automation teams have to create numerous amounts of test scripts per individual EUT in order to archive the same testing goal. In most cases, test scripts are lengthy and complex due to the fact that test automation engineers are using lower level scripting techniques in order to ensure proper test object recognition.

It results in longer test automation processes, costly overhead of quality assurance involvement in the development project, and high maintenance of test automation framework.

And like good Old-Runner, Quality Assurance Test Automation is becoming inefficient…


ZAPTEST offers the new generation testing technology that operates based on the visual representation of test object on the GUI. Similar to a human user of the AUT, ZAPTEST is agnostic to EUT flavor and focuses only on the application business logic.

ZAP 1Script Technology allows users to create only one test script per AUT test case that can run on any permutation of AUT environment Cross-Platform. It may be any browser on any OS (conversational or mobile), any native application cross-mobile OS, and/or any version of AUT on any OS. Any of the previously mentioned executes by using only one (1) ZAPTEST script!


ZAPTEST supports modularity and centralized test object management that allows the creation of reusable test automation framework.

Scripting with ZAPTEST can be performed either through record and playback or object scanning and therefore allows for lesser-code test scripts. 


Because of the advanced way ZAPTEST recognizes test object on the GUI, test automation teams can start test automation using application mockups before AUT has been developed.

All that definitely helps Test Automation Spider-man to do his job, but in order to expedite time to market, and to offer Just in Time (JIT,) testing ZAPTEST uses MULTIRUN for parallel execution.

With ZAP MULTIRUN, users can run same test script at once on all EUTs, conventional work stations, mobile devices, and even scanners.


ZAP MULTIRUN gives Test Automation Spider-man the Matrix super power to make sure that all application test environments are properly tested with one execution!


  • Current test automation tools for the most part requires test scripting per particular AUT environment
    • Prolongs test automation development and maintenance
    • Makes QA testing costly and inefficient
    • Prevents to deliver software testing JIT
  • ZAPTEST offers 1Script Technology to create script once and run it on any AUT environment
    • Reduces test automation development and maintenance
    • ZAP MULTIRUN allows to execute one script across all EUT at once
    • QA teams can develop test automation using mockups in pre-development phase (Agile/DevOps)
    • Makes QA testing efficient
    • Delivers testing ahead of developers and JIT


We appreciate you taking the time to read this article and we want to ask you to reach out to us in order to discuss how ZAPTEST can optimize your test automation. Please let us know when to schedule a live demo of ZAPTEST with MULTIRUN! http://www.zaptest.com/get-started?free-trial

Created by: Alex Chernyak [ZAP]

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