• Mission of Quality Assurance in the development process is to assure quality of software based on the application requirements given by the Business
  • Quality Assurance is performed by executing test procedures (Test Cases) based on the application under test (AUT) requirements throughout the given software
  • Test Cases designed by Quality Assurance teams (QA) have to mimic the end-user (human) actions through business processes of the given AUT
  • Quality Assurance has to represent both, the end-user and the Business

Quality Assurance has to control quality of software applications developed by Application Developers (Devs)!

  • QAs have to test applications prior to the applications release
  • Applications have to be tested on multiple platforms and environments (Operating systems, combinations of browsers, native mobile apps, hybrid apps etc.) where the end-users will be accessing those applications
  • Average allocated QA time in the software development process is short, 10%-30% of the SDLC
  • Manual testing is a lengthy initiative, especially considering multiplying test executions per environment
  • IT Executives (Execs) would like for QAs to expedite testing
  • Test Automation allows to speed up test execution

QA testing should be automated!

  • Test automation is the lengthy process (sort of mini software development process)
  • Current test automation technologies (tools) allowscript development based on the existing application GUI (AUT has to exist at the time of test automation)
  • Many QAs are required to support Agile/DevOps with short development cycles (1-2 weeks)
  • QAs don’t have enough time to develop automated testing and to execute it just-in-time (JIT)
  • Execs are losing patience for QAs

QA testing should be performed Just-in-Time!

  • QAs would like to start test automation earlier (before the AUT is created)
  • Many of them are trying to use tools in an alternative way, they are teaming up with Devs to get AUT GUI object parameters (property values) in advance, so they can build test scripts (scripts) before the AUT is created
  • QAs are orienting testing towards Devs objects (not AUT Business requirements)
  • Devs control the QAs

Execs are outsourcing testing leadership to Devs!

  • Devs are leading QAs to test dev requirements (not Business requirements)
  • QA Testing is losing focus
  • Quality of software is jeopardized…  

QAs are pleasing Devs!

ZAPTEST is helping QAs to represent Business   

  • QAs are starting test automation before AUT has been developed using mockups (either formal or hand-drawn)
  • Testing starts at the early phase of the SDLC (Design phase)
  • QAs auto-generate manual test cases with one click
  • Test Scripts are executed in parallel on multiple environments
  • Execs are pleased with the just-in-time testing

QA testing is performed JIT!

  • Test Cases are dev object independent and are focused on the AUT business requirements
  • Test automation scripts are mimicking manual testing and represent end-user action throughout the AUT
  • Test validation is based on the end-user experience (not the state of the GUI object)
  • Testing is accurate
  • Test results are based on the Business requirements (not dev unit testing objectives)
  • Execs are trusting QAs

QAs are leading Quality Assurance process!

  • Testing process is able to be performed independent from Devs

QAs represent Business!


Please watch this short video to learn how to use ZAPTEST in order to achieve just-in-time testing and to represent Business!

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  • ZAPTEST is the ultimate test automation technology for modern Quality Assurance
  • With ZAPTEST QAs are able to automate any software application and execute that cross-platform with singular run on multiple environments
  • They can generate manual test cases and test documentation with one click
  • ZAPTEST offers QAs 100% QA time and time advantage in testing readiness
  • And most importantly, with ZAPTEST QAs can do their true job independently assuring quality of software, and represent end-user requirements and the Business!


Thank you for your time reading this article! Please request a ZAPTEST Free Trial and get started today!

Created by: Alex Chernyak [ZAP]