Meet ZUMA (ZAP Universal Mobile Access)!

Recently, ZAP has released its new technology (ZUMA) to its customers. This technology is unique because it gives mobile testers a new way of working with applications in the Cloud. One of the challenges of today’s mobile testing industry is the installation of AUT’s on devices. Platforms such iOS make this even more difficult, as it has closed off systems that rarely allow open access to its code. The methods to face these challenges have been to either jailbreak/root the device or to instrument it.

Multitasking in a World Ruled by Mobile Applications

In a few short years, mobile application downloads have skyrocketed from a relative 30 billion to an estimated 200 billion in 2016. As we’ve noted in previous blogs, the mobile industry has transformed not just our lives but the living market and business ecosystem we work in every day. Multitasking is no longer a bonus; it’s a must. Just like consumers need to browse the internet, make a phone call, and possibly pay their credit card bill at the same time, we – as testers – have to be able to cater to multiple venues of our profession. But, the “mobile explosion” hasn’t just affected developers and testers. The strain of a fast-paced environment has greatly altered the way other departments within development companies think and act. Marketing and sales teams, in an attempt to hurriedly release the “new product”, want everything done yesterday and this often leads them to bypass critical steps from testing phases in order to meet their deadlines. They cut corners with budgets for testing tools and sometimes leave developers at a large disadvantage.

Speak Your Cloud's Language with ZAP-fiX 12.1!

This week we are focusing our blog post on ZAP-fiX to shed the spotlight on our newest version - 12.1! This version was released last week to be implemented into the ZAP-fiX package. Let's take a look at what's new in this release and how it will improve your testing experience with our revolutionary solution.

What's New in 12.1

ZAP-fiX 12.1 uses ZAP's 1Script technology to provide you with all of ZPX's revolutionary features such as cross-browser and cross-platform scripting with an additional, advantageous, component - multilingual support.

ZAP-fix 12 Unleashes Exciting New Tools and Features to Lead the Market!

At the end of November, we released the newest version of ZPX 12!

This new version is jam-packed with an exciting new interface, features, and tools that will improve our customers’ testing experience and revolutionize the testing market.  ZAP-fiX already sports a large number of competitive features that help to lead the market.

ZAP-fiX - The Go-To Solution for the Modern Tester

ver the past several years, the Mobile industry has exploded with inventions. If an interested client searches the keyword “mobile”, they will be bombarded with countless options to step out into the bold environment of modern communication. The world that previously saw the domination of the web may now discover that the rising success of such conveniences as tablets, apps, smart phones, and the Cloud may overtake the internet in popularity.

Yet, despite the lucrative mobile market, some companies still struggle to stay ahead of the game. The difficulty lies at the heart of the creative process. All applications must be rigorously tested for errors and hiccups before they are sent out into the public eye. Nobody wants their application to crash in the middle of an important task. But, with so many platforms and so many different outlets to cater to, testing an application and modifying it to fit all of them is extremely time-consuming and expensive.

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