ZAP-fix 12 Unleashes Exciting New Tools and Features to Lead the Market!

At the end of November, we released the newest version of ZPX 12!

This new version is jam-packed with an exciting new interface, features, and tools that will improve our customers’ testing experience and revolutionize the testing market.  ZAP-fiX already sports a large number of competitive features that help to lead the market.

ZAP-fiX - The Go-To Solution for the Modern Tester

ver the past several years, the Mobile industry has exploded with inventions. If an interested client searches the keyword “mobile”, they will be bombarded with countless options to step out into the bold environment of modern communication. The world that previously saw the domination of the web may now discover that the rising success of such conveniences as tablets, apps, smart phones, and the Cloud may overtake the internet in popularity.

Yet, despite the lucrative mobile market, some companies still struggle to stay ahead of the game. The difficulty lies at the heart of the creative process. All applications must be rigorously tested for errors and hiccups before they are sent out into the public eye. Nobody wants their application to crash in the middle of an important task. But, with so many platforms and so many different outlets to cater to, testing an application and modifying it to fit all of them is extremely time-consuming and expensive.

Internet Browsing Declines as Mobile Apps Lift Off

As smart phones get smarter, and app stores get larger, the conventional internet browser may find itself abandoned in favor of the thousands of mobile apps that people use every day. According to recent data, mobile apps are being used more often at the expense of browsing the internet.

With the recent tsunami of mobile apps taking the world by storm, statistics are showing that people lean more towards using their phone apps rather than visiting the net on both their smart phones and on the PC.

ZAP technologies Shares Success with Interview at HP Discover 2012!

HP Discover 2012 in July was an exciting experience for ZAP technologies. Each year, ZAP attends this large-scale event to present revolutionary solutions and show off their new and innovative features.  This year, we were even asked to participate in a personal interview with Diane England of HP to help give some insight about ZAP technologies and our unique MOBILE application testing solution products. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

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