Internet Browsing Declines as Mobile Apps Lift Off

As smart phones get smarter, and app stores get larger, the conventional internet browser may find itself abandoned in favor of the thousands of mobile apps that people use every day. According to recent data, mobile apps are being used more often at the expense of browsing the internet.

With the recent tsunami of mobile apps taking the world by storm, statistics are showing that people lean more towards using their phone apps rather than visiting the net on both their smart phones and on the PC.

ZAP technologies Shares Success with Interview at HP Discover 2012!

HP Discover 2012 in July was an exciting experience for ZAP technologies. Each year, ZAP attends this large-scale event to present revolutionary solutions and show off their new and innovative features.  This year, we were even asked to participate in a personal interview with Diane England of HP to help give some insight about ZAP technologies and our unique MOBILE application testing solution products. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

ZAP-fiX 12 Meets the Challenge of a Shifting Consumer Market Armed with New Features!

The mobile world of apps and their platforms is growing at a dizzying speed. Consumers are now relying on mobile applications for many things, ranging from entertainment to relieve a long wait in the doctor’s office to accessing bank accounts while waiting in traffic. Smart phones and tablets are continuing to steadily draw attention away from computers to mobile devices. The phrase “there’s probably an app for that” is tossed around among thousands. With such a demanding market for new ideas and new uses for apps, developers and testers have to rush to catch up at a breakneck pace to stay afloat among the maelstrom of mobile growth.

Developers be ware – the demand is shifting quickly!

Test Automation – Choosing the Right Tools to Drive Success

In our most recent installments, we’ve talked about the efficiency of test automation, agile testing, and some best practices for test teams. We’ve covered the difficulties of catering to multiple platforms and browsers, and have mentioned that the modern market is ever-changing and filled with obstacles that must be surpassed to stay afloat among the competition. There are many testing tools available out there today, and one of the most critical steps towards successful application testing is choosing the right one to get the job done.

Here, we can continue our car analogy. Just like building a custom car requires focusing on each separate part and how it will benefit the whole, test automation teams must also work together to determine what aspects of a testing tool will help them reach their goals in the most efficient way possible. Some companies may struggle with this, as there is a false rumor going around: that test automation is a low-maintenance cure-all for any development process.

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