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In our last blog post, we proved our dependability by showing you various consumer feedback. We’ve given examples of how our product can help your business succeed and discussed how our product is adaptable even in today’s constantly changing world. Now, we're giving you the chance to see it for yourself.

ZAP-fiX is a solution allowing companies to test mobile apps using various methods – manual, automated, and load – utilizing HP software Quality Center, QuickTest Pro and LoadRunner. ZPX offers a new non-API object recognition approach in test automation that offers test execution cross mobile OS and devices in the Cloud.

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We at ZAP are proud and excited to be able to offer our customers and our friends throughout the world an online resource to discuss and explain not only our company but the industry we are involved in. Our blog will not only act like a reliable friend, full of our company news and exciting updates, but also as a platform for sharing and bring attention to industry followers of what's going and why it's important.

Who We Are! 

ZAP (ZAP) specializes in consulting services utilizing different methodologies, products and technologies by Mercury Interactive and Hewlett-Packard Software. ZAP was founded as an extension of Mercury Professional Services Organization delivering technical and educational services to customers in AMERICAS and EMEA.

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