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Watch this video to learn more about ZAPTEST. ZAPTEST helps customers with cross-platform Functional UI, API; and Performance test automation.

Proprietary technologies can help you write a single automated test script and automatically generate test documentation, and run against any environment.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution provides automation of operational processes within the company or even leverage scripts create for TEST to the RPA operational execution AS-IS

Here’s a short demonstration of how it works: from taking a snapshot of the application to real script execution. ZAPTEST can automate testing against any UI and API-based application in any environment. We are saying: “If you can test it manually – ZAPTEST can automate it!”

It allows you to streamline test automation by creating test scripts against live applications, mockups, video scenarios, and even textual references, auto-generate test documentation, and run scripts on all test environments at once.

It supports documentation formats: HTML, RTF, DOC

ALM Integrations: JIRA, HP ALM, Jenkins, VSTS/TFS

It supports execution on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS.