ZAPTEST helps Enterprises to achieve testing ROI over 10X! 



Testing is an overhead! However, any organization that drives business digitally can’t afford to release poor quality software. Development-driven testing doesn’t offer quality testing; there are still quality gaps that result in the loss of customers and revenue. Software must be tested by Quality Assurance professionals! The Quality Assurance process needs to allow Enterprises to perform testing just in time and it needs to be cost efficient. 

Traditional software Quality Assurance is the long process. It usually starts with test documentation (manual test cases) development that takes about 30-40% of the overall QA time, than manual test cases are passed to test automation (when used). Test Automation takes another 40-50% of the time. And after all QA teams perform test execution the remaining 10-30% of the time is used.


Traditional QA process is long! It requires multiple people and many man-hours. Specifically, typical test automation technologies that are available for QAs are either API, Image, or HTML-tag based object recognition type and require Application Under Test (AUT) to be present for the automation. Another problem is lack of these tools for cross-platform testing, and therefore it requires development of test artifacts per testing environment that result in multiplication of the test artifacts (development and maintenance) to test given business processes. Also, test execution using these technologies is per platform; that requires each batch of tests to run on the particular testing environment at the time (sequential), and therefore prolongs time for AUT go to market.

All these factors make Quality Assurance of the modern Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) very expensive!!!

100% – QA Time

Average QA time of the SDLC is 10% -20%. Within this time the QA team has to develop test documentation, automate test cases and execute them. This has  always been a challenge with the Waterfall based development. And it’s practically impossible to do with Agile / DevOps.  ZAPTEST allows QA teams to support dev teams starting right at the design phase of the AUT development. QAs are using application mockups to start test automation, and are not required for the application to be present. This allows them to have 100% QA Time.  

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(-50%)- Test Automation Readiness

For the same reason as the above, using other testing solutions on the market QA teams have never been able to have testing just in time (JIT), due to the fact that available testing tools are allowing test automation only of the existing application interface. Considering short development cycles, it’s impossible to deliver test automation this way, especially for Agile / DevOps.

Due to the fact that ZAPTEST allows mockup based test development and due to the the fact that ZAP object recognition algorithm testers can develop robust test procedures with less coding (unlike low-lever testing technologies), using ZAPTEST QAs are always ahead of developers with the ready to test framework at least by 50%.

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600% Productivity

In most cases current testing tools are lacking a certain degree of cross-platform testing and require additional test artifacts to address given test processes on particular testing environments either cross-browser, cross-mobile, hybrid or desktop. Any additional test artifact development and maintenance requires man-hours that result in the less test procedures being automated in a given period of time. Considering factor that ZAPTEST 1Script allows test execution with one script across any environment, testing teams need only 1 test automation script per 1 application business process. If the average testing scenario requires testing on 5 environments (example: hybrid app that has to be tested on multi browsers on Win; Mac; Linux; iOS and Android), considering approximate development time reduction of 25% per test script, the fact that ZAPTEST has 1 to 5 scripting advantage, ZAP MULITRUN has ability to run 1Script across all test environments in parallel, and the ZAPDOC eliminates need of developing test documentation (manual test cases); QA team’s test automation productivity results in over 600%.


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85% Cost Reduction

At the end of the day, it’s all about cost. Taking in consideration performing QA processes in-parallel with the application development; test automation readiness advancing application releases; and high productivity creating and maintaining test artifacts in significantly less time, all that allows Enterprises to reduce cost of the test automation in average of 85%.

With such drastic cost reduction ZAPTEST test automation is becoming very affordable for any organization.

10X Testing ROI

Accounting for all aspects of modern software Quality Assurance, with ZAPTEST software departments can cordially change the process of their overall testing practices. QA teams can ensure efficient testing and optimize QA processes with early test development, correlated test documentation and automation, early test readiness, seamless regression testing, ability to use any test device (mobile or workstations) remotely,  just-in-time application go to market; and all within an affordable investment.

ZAPTEST helps Enterprises to achieve testing ROI over 10X!

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Created by:  Alex Chernyak [ZAP]